ADDQ1 Mestbelevingsonderzoek EMW 2016 (BO-20-004-097)

Project: EZproject

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Within the framework of the evaluation of manure legislation in 2016, a study was conducted into the experiences of farmers in this regard through in-depth interviews, a survey, and focus group meetings. The survey revealed that farmers are pleased with the existence of a manure policy and that they intend to continue complying with it closely, even if it should be tightened up further. However, they do not support the current manure policy and consider it to be risky for their business. The key problems that they experience are contradictory environmental objectives, reduced soil fertility, high costs and complexity, little room for customisation, and lack of flexibility. Solutions would be simpler and more flexible manure legislation with compensation and setoff options, a more coherent policy, a smoother process for issuing permits for manure processing, and greater focus on soil fertility. According to this survey, the attitude of the farmers towards the manure policy does not seem to be related to sector, soil type, income, stage of development, growth expectations for the company, or the extent to which farmers cover the area available to them for phosphate use with animal manure.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17


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