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Feather pecking is a problem that mainly occurs in the laying sector, but can also be a problem in laying and broiler breeders. Various knowledge products have already been published for the laying sector that offer poultry farmers tools to prevent feather pecking and, if it occurs, to limit the damage. Although this was mainly knowledge for the laying sector and focused on the laying sector, there are many similarities with the breeder sector. In particular, those points that also apply for the breeder sector be highlighted. Points that could be of importance for the breeder sector in an adapted form could also be included.

The aim of the project is to screen existing popular knowledge products for laying poultry farmers for information about feather pecking that may be of interest to breeders. This is supplemented by scientific literature on feather pecking specifically in parent animals. This information must then be transformed into a knowledge product for the propagators.

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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