Add Q4 Voor de piek uit: Hoe het gewas te sturen bij het vermijden van pieken in de energievraag (BO-20-021-044)

Project: EZproject

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Tests to reduce the use of energy, such as in the IDC energy, show that the smart use of devices such as screens and dehumidification systems means that consumption in spring, summer and autumn is low to virtually zero, but that in the start-up phase of the cultivation a a large part of the total energy consumption is realized. This year, even in extreme form, this is reflected in the 2SaveEnergy greenhouse, where more than half of the total energy use of the first 30 weeks has already been used in the first 6 weeks of cultivation. In addition, it appears that when looking at the absolute usage peaks, the 10% hours with the highest usage do double the usage peak. The major drawback of usage peaks is that the installations need to be dimensioned, but also that when using alternative energy sources, back-up installations must be addressed more frequently.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17