Add Q4 Haalbaarheidsstudie Hoogisolerende kas 3.0 (BO-20-021-029)

Project: LNV project

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With the proposed new highly insulating greenhouse cover materials, considerable savings can be made on energy. Depending on the number of layers even possible more than double glazing (which in the VenlowEnergyKas more than 50% on energy saves in an unexposed vegetable cultivation). In the case of ornamental cultivated plants grown at high temperatures, compartmentalisation is often realized through the use of multiple screens and the use of multilayer PC plates with a very low light transmittance of about 60%.

With the development of ultra-thin but very strong glass plates, such as gorilla glass for mobile phones (or Leoflex ™ from Asahi), new possibilities are created for new greenhouse designs and for use in multilayer forms as a highly insulating greenhouse deck. Flexible thin glass is a tempered glass. While standard tempered glass goes through a thermal process, this is a chemical process, which makes the glass five times stronger, creating the possibility to make it thinner and to produce it in curved form.

In this study the feasibility of the application of flexible ultra-thin glasses in greenhouses is explored. For this the optical, thermal and mechanical properties in different configurations (thicknesses, surface treatments, number of layers) are investigated. Consideration is also being given to alternative deck forms and new greenhouse concepts.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17