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Energy has increased as a cost item for chrysanthemum cultivation in recent years. Firstly, this is caused by a falling sparkspread, as a result of which the supply of heat by a CHP has become less profitable and secondly because the need for a higher winter quality requires more electricity for lighting.

In addition, chrysanthemum growers need to increase their winter production and better guarantee their summer quality. Increasing winter production requires a more efficient use of both sunlight and electricity for lamp light. Safeguarding the summer quality requires the ability to control the greenhouse temperature during hot summer days.

That is why innovation is necessary to increase the competitiveness of Dutch chrysanthemum cultivation. The first steps in this were taken by the desk studies 'Effectively dealing with electricity with chrysanthemums' and 'Optimum heat balance Chrysanthemum'. From these desk studies a number of options emerged that are interesting enough to integrate into a complete cultivation concept and to test for practical feasibility. In these desk studies, it has also been calculated that with low energy consumption, a gas price of 0.25 / m3 and a low electricity price, it is more advantageous to extract the heat from a heat pump with aquifer than from a CHP, a heating boiler or geothermal energy (see Figure 1). ).

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