Add Q3 Opstellen beknopte MER Ihkv 6e Actieprogramma Nitraatrichtlijn (BO-20-004-131)

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An environmental impact assessment (planMER) was carried out to evaluate the foreseen measures of the Sixth Action Programme Nitrates directive. This report is based on the assessment of various measures that are either supplementary to the application standards and application regulations laid down in the 5th AP (2014-2017), or amendments to these measures. The aim of these measures is to comply with the environmental targets of the Nitrates Directive by promoting good agricultural practise. An assessment was made of the effects of measures on nitrate leaching to groundwater, and leaching and runoff of nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P) to surface waters. Furthermore, assessments were made of the emissions to the air, especially ammonia (NH3) and  nitrous oxide (N2O), and particulate matter and of the magnitude of slurry transport in the Netherlands. The foreseen measures in the Sixth Action Programme will most likely lead to lower nitrate concentrations in the groundwater of the southern sand and loess areas. The set of measures does not lead to an area-averaged concentration of 50 mg l-1 N in this area; that would require a reduction of the N application standard for leaching-vulnerable crops with several tens of percent. The effect of the total set of measures on emissions of N and P to water and air can currently not be accurately quantified.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


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