Add Q1 TAN onderzoek (BO-20-004-111)

Project: EZproject

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The aim is to develop a more accurate method to estimate total ammoniacal N excretion in urine (TAN) in the NEMA-methodology (based on estimated feacl digestion of crude protein, VC_RE). The approach is to improve the current method (which is based on table values for VC_RE), but which recently appeared to be perform inadequately. A new method first needs to be described and evaluated. To achieve this the following targets have been defined:   

Target 1. Description of the current Tier 3 method to estimate enteric methane in dairy cattle to be used for estimation of VC_RE and TAN with current NEMA-methodology.

Target 2. Evaluation of model predictions of the nutritional effects on VC_RE and N excretion in urine and feces using independant data from N balance trials with dairy cattle.

Target 3. Publication of A Tier 3 approach to estimate VC_RE and TAN in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Target 4. Indicating the possible implications of a representation of dietary effects on VC_RE and TAN for the RAV-emissions of dairy cattle.

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17