Add Q1 Module Welfare Quality meetprotocol leghennen (BO-20-008-033)

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The Ministry of Economic Affairs aims at improving animal welfare in a European context, in which the industry itself plays a major role. The in the Welfare Quality® project developed measuring method to assess animal welfare supports this ambition. The measuring systematic has a scientific basis, but is a bit impractical for commercial use. This is because the protocol requires a lot of time and the result gives only a limited insight in important details on which management could realise improvements.

Making separate modules to the Welfare Quality® measuring protocol has the following relevancies: a) the full protocol serves a purpose to support claims regarding animal welfare (bench marketing and business to business), b) the modules provide detailed information to farmers with regards specific welfare aspects and can be used to determine animal welfare in detailed level, c) because the modules hardly cost any extra time, with almost the same time investment more information is obtained, making the application of the WQ-protocol more attractive, and d) application of the protocol at an early age of the birds makes it useful as an 'early warning' tool.

The 3 extra modules aimed for are: 1. feather quality (early detection could be a useful early warning tool); 2. keelbone deformation and damage; 3. beaks (intact beaks differ in sharpness and shape, also there are some specific damages like broken tips).

Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/17


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