Add Q1 KAE Led in Roos. Het moet beter. (BO-43-012.01-003, BO-20-021-039)

Project: EZproject

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In the research into energy-efficient rose cultivation to produce a perfect rose, it has repeatedly proven how complex this cultivation is. The combination of crop stages, crop movements, nutrition, water supply, crop health and climate factors are a constant challenge. Therefore, solving the quality problem of roses under full-LED is relevant for the application of this new lighting technique in other crops. A solution for roses will certainly provide knowledge for the application of LED technology in other crops.

For the quality, it is known from other research that the air humidity must have a certain dynamic with dry moments. That is difficult to realize in the winter, other than through dry burning. At SON-T there is often a heat surplus, which makes it easy to carry out drying tapping. With LED, this must have specific attention.
The above points of attention could be tested in a continuation of the LED experiment at the Improvement Center.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


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