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Project: EZproject

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In the study "Using solar energy in horticulture - a strategic exploration" by Zwart et al. (2011), possibilities for energy generation with the help of greenhouses and the preservation of crop production were investigated. The use of flexible solar cells on screens was one of the options that were explored. It was then concluded that depending on the crop requirements, approx. 15-25 kWh / m2 of greenhouse / year can be generated using the technology available at that time. An unexposed company can thus fully cover its electricity needs. The development of flexible solar cells has accelerated enormously in the last 7 years, bringing the application closer. In short, time for "the redesign of the Daylight greenhouse". In the proposal here, electricity will be generated on screens with the help of flexible PV at times when sunlight is not needed for crop production.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19