Add Impact assessment viscluster en visserijregio’s (BO-43-119.01-033)

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In recent years, the Dutch fisheries sector has been increasingly limited in its activities due to developments in fisheries policy and policy in the North Sea. The economic consequences of these developments for the fishing sector are not clear, nor is it clear how these changes in policy and the fishing sector translate into socio-economic effects on the value chain and the fishing regions. Following two motions from the House of Representatives, this study aims to answer the question of what the socio-economic effects of policy are on the fishing sector, the fish supply chain and the fishing regions. This is done through seven activities that are carried out in three phases:

Activity 1.1: Development of the analysis framework and indicators: What effects of policy occur in the fish cluster and how can these be measured?

Activity 1.2: Baseline measurement of fish cluster structure and dependencies: How large are the regional fish clusters and how dependent are they on the fishing sector.

Activity 2.1: Impact of declining fleet on social and cultural capital fishing communities: What are the socio-cultural effects of changes in fishing?

Activity 2.2: Impact analysis of the decommisioning scheme of cutter fisheries and shrimp fisheries: What are the economic effects of the two on the fish cluster.

Activity 3.1: Monitoring developments and situation in the cluster: How are the developed indicators developing.

Activity 3.2: Development/adaptation of fisheries model to determine the economic effects of policies on the fisheries sector.

Activity 3.3: Analysis of the effects of the fish cluster: What are the indirect economic effects of the policy measures on the processing of fish in the regions.

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


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