Add 6e AP Organische stof en uitspoeling (BO-43-101-015, BO-43-012.02-030)

Project: EZproject

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In the Dutch farning practice there is a discussion about the effect of organic manure on the nitrate leaching. A part of the farmers argue that a higher organic matter supply decreases leaching losses due to an increased crop yield and Nuptake and a higher denitrification rate. These effects should more than compesate the untimeley N mineralisation in periods with low or no N uptake by crops. Therefore, in 2018 a long term field trial was started in which different organic manures were compared with mineral fertilisers. In addition, in 2020 lab experiments were started in which different N loss processes were studied. 

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/24


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