Add 6e AP Effectgerichte maatregelen fosfaatzuivering (BO-43-101-018, BO-43-012.02-039)

Project: LNV project

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Measures in the 6th Action Program are intended to achieve the goals of the Nitrates Directive and to contribute to the goals of the Water Framework Directive. By 2027 at the latest, all measures will have to be taken to ensure that the targets of the WFD will be achieved. A considerable reduction in phosphate leaching and run-off is still necessary in a number of areas, whereby source-oriented measures are insufficient to achieve this effect. Additional measures with a purifying effect in the surface water system and/or the emission route are necessary. The aim is to develop new methods that lead to a reduction of the P load on the surface water so that the goals of the WFD are more easily attainable. In 2018, results of studies were collected and assessed for their potential for phosphate purification for sandy soils, for marine clay soils and for peatlands. This also involves literature sources from the past 10 years and information was obtained from the exchange with foreign colleagues. Potential of some measures has been explored by model. Based on this, a work plan has been drafted, which is mainly aimed at a) experimentally investigating in the field how much P is washed away superficially to surface water, b) gaining a better insight into the transport routes in sandy areas where a rich P content in the past has built up in the soil and c) what the effects are of measures to block and/or mitigate this (thresholds in ridge cultivation, settling pools in capillaries of stream systems, liming). In addition, the experiments will also measure the presence of residues of crop protection products in surface runoff from potatoe fields

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/24


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