Activities future planning (KB-37-001-012)

Project: EZproject

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Background and objective

The program Healthy and Safe Food systems aims to develop knowledge needed to improve the health benefits and safety of our food system, from different perspectives and by taking into account its complexity and related sustainability issues.


In this project, stemming from the programme extension for 2 more years, we aim to map the current content and distribution of Healthy and Safe Food Systems related research in Wageningen as a basis for determining which work in the current programme should be taken forward (as it is currently being delivered, or with a focus on particular themes, or in terms of upscaling) and to identify where gaps are in research that could be included in the KB programme (or other KB programmes, BO, WOT, etc).

The 2 tasks foreseen in this project by YE 2021 are the review of existing/on-going projects and a strength potentials, gaps, needs/wants analysis

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22