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Upscaling of Mabisi processing.

Sikombe, T., Linnemann, A., Schoustra, S. & Smid, E.

1/02/20 → …

Project: PhD

Impact of emerging arboviruses on wild bird populations.

van Mastrigt, T. & de Boer, F.

1/02/20 → …

Project: PhD

Slow Sand Filtration

Attiani, V. & Smidt, H.

1/02/20 → …

Project: PhD

Ethics and welfare of insects

van Loon, M., Bovenkerk, B. & Verweij, M.

1/02/20 → …

Project: PhD

Proteomic anlysis of plant cell polarity

Weijers, D. & Jones, V.


Project: PostDoc

FoodE: Food Systems in European Cities


Project: EU research project