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Sticky powder mechanics.

Farmani, Z., Dijksman, J., Leermakers, F. & van Duynhoven, J.

1/12/19 → …

Project: PhD

Natural Casings: inactivation of porcine viruses

Jelsma, T.

1/11/19 → …

Project: PhD

Genetic analysis of cell polarity and division orientation in the plant embryo

Weijers, D. & de Amil da Costa Jacob Ramalho, J.


Project: PostDoc


Raja, R., van Henten, E. & Kootstra, G.


Project: PostDoc

Electron flows in electro-active biofilms

Fontes Pereira, J. P., Buisman, C., Sleutels, T. & ter Heijne, A.

1/11/19 → …

Project: PhD

Fermenting syngas to polyhydroxyalkanoates

Torres Ruano, T. & Stams, F.

10/10/19 → …

Project: PhD

CityLoops: Closing the loop for urban material flows


Project: EU research project