1-2D-2 Farm and Forestry as Carbon Sinks (KB-34-008-002)

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As part of the Knowledge Base program “Towards a circular climate positive society”, the Farm and Forestry as Carbon Sinks Living Labs project is developing an evaluation framework (s) that enables provinces and chain parties to review their governance options for the transition to low-carbon or carbon-neutral agriculture and forestry and to what extent the living labs they are involved in support this transition. 

Special attention is given to the role of living labs in the transition - as provinces support these as a mechanism to develop, apply or scale up new production methods. The joint learning process that takes place in living labs is an important mechanism by which the barriers are explored. An evaluation framework for Living labs has been developed in 2021 based on the experiences in three Living Labs, in which new practices and measures are already being developed and implemented for a carbon neutral or carbon positive agriculture. In 2022, Wageningen Research will continue with 3 existing living labs "the Green Circles" ("Cheese & Soil Subsidence" and "Sustainable Frites Chain") and the Farm of the Future to apply the developed  framework for agriculture- . A start will be made to use the framework to develop the Living Lab on Forest and Timber Construction if possible agreements are reached regarding the further development of the forestry living lab at the end of  2021. In 2022 also the framework regarding the governance options for provinces and chain parties (e.g. a dairy cooperative) to stimulate a transition towards increased CO2 capture, circularity and desired local and regional production will be finalized. 

Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/22


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