1-1D-5 Just Transition (KB-34-004-017)

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The needed transitions for food security and climate have a large impact on society. But how just are these transitions? How do we ensure transitions are as just as possible, benefits and burdens are equally shared and everybody can fully catch up and participate. Although these just transitions are thrived by many, this clearly requires action perspective. In 2021, we developed a preliminary understanding and operational framework based on the most recent scientific insights and practices. In 2022, we will develop and test In 2022, we further develop and test the operational framework that will result in a guidance to bring just transitions into practice. Explicitly, we will develop the operational framework and guidance together with (end)users and enriching with empirical data coming from just transition practices. The main activities in 2022 will focus on engaging in practices by ‘listening’ to experiences and expertise and by testing the operational framework in a few concrete practices.  
In this way, we come to a shared thorough understanding and further practical meaning to just transitions and their operationalisation in dialogues with policy, practice and science. The project is transdisciplinary and build on co-creation and co-development, at the very heart. Not only externally, but also within WUR, the project aims to anchor and uptake the importance of just transitions to improve awareness about just transitions and our role in moving towards these. An informative digital platform (website) will serve to signify just transitions, share results and insights, and most of all, motivated and invite people to take part in the dialogue. The end result of this project is the operational framework and guidance to just transitions which can be used in policy, practice and science.

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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