1-1D-5 Climate Smart Agriculture Booster (KB-34-004-005)

Project: LNV project

Project Details


Within the Climate KIC flagship program on agriculture, the Climate Smart Agriculture Booster (CSAb) [1] is developing various tools and services for the transition to a climate friendly agriculture and is developing a CSA Service Organization in The Netherlands: http://klimaatlandbouw.wenr.wur.nl/. Under the KB theme ‘’Towards a circular and climate neutral society’’, these tools and services will be completed, and will be made available to address climate challenges and policies in the Netherlands. The transition to a climate friendly agricultural sector is in early phases of its development. There is an actual need to enhance awareness and understanding, and to discover and explore potential solutions and measures. The tools and services include CSA Dialogues, CSA Educational activities and tools for assessing and selecting CSA solutions (the CSA Assessment tool and the CSA Spatial Solution Finder, SFF).


CSA Dialogues have been developed to support the discussion and interaction on climate induced problems in The Netherlands and related countries operating in the major food value chains. CSA Education has developed MOOCs and courses for educating actors on climate change in the agricultural sector. CSA Assessment has been developed to assess farms on their climate footprint. Based on the outcomes farmers and partners can develop plans and measures to improve their practices. The CSA SFF (http://csaspatialsolutionfinder.org/) is a tool aiming to help farmers, farmer organizations, farm advisory service providors and policy makers find those solutions for climate-smart agriculture that fit farmers, farms and regions and to provide contextual information on GHG emissions and climate change impacts. The tool addresses several agricultural subsectors and will be tested in collaboration with user networks in different regions.


The goal of the proposed Climate Smart Agriculture Booster is CSA project is to connect and align CSA Booster services with the current missions, challenges and frameworks on climate smart agriculture by actors in the agricultural sector, suppliers and customers in The Netherlands, to built strategic partner networks, to start collaboration and to develop and test CSA services with user groups.




Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/20