Travel Grant Award 2011

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During the Wageningen Institute of Animal Science (WIAS) Day, which provides PhD students with an opportunity to present their work to the department of Animal Science of Wageningen University, the Dutch Zootechnical Organisation (Nederlandse Zoötechnische Vereniging, NZV), awards a travel grant every year since 2009. A committee selects the best presentation (poster or oral) based on criteria such as the ability to place the research in a broader context. I am very pleased to say that this year I was awarded with this grant after the presentation of my poster entitled: How much solid feed do veal calves really need?
Granting OrganisationsNederlandse Zoötechnische Vereniging NZV

Awarded at event

Event titleWIAS Science Day 2011
LocationWageningen, Netherlands
Period3 Feb 2011 → 3 Feb 2011