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  • EC data for "Temperature extremes of 2022 reduced carbon uptake by forests in Europe"

    van der Woude, A. (Creator), Peters, W. (Creator) & Joetzjer, E. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 19 Jun 2023


  • National contributions to climate change due to historical emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide

    Friedlingstein, P. (Creator), O'Sullivan, M. (Creator), Jones, M. (Creator), Andrew, R. M. (Creator), Gregor, L. (Creator), Hauck, J. (Creator), Le Quéré, C. (Creator), Luijkx, I. (Creator), Olsen, A. (Creator), Peters, G. P. (Creator), Peters, W. (Creator), Pongratz, J. (Creator), Schwingshackl, C. (Creator), Sitch, S. (Creator), Canadell, J. G. (Creator), Ciais, P. (Creator), Jackson, R. B. (Creator), Alin, S. R. (Creator), Alkama, R. (Creator), Arneth, A. (Creator), Arora, V. K. (Creator), Bates, N. R. (Creator), Becker, M. (Creator), Bellouin, N. (Creator), Bittig, H. C. (Creator), Bopp, L. (Creator), Chevallier, F. (Creator), Chini, L. P. (Creator), Cronin, M. (Creator), Evans, W. (Creator), Falk, S. (Creator), Feely, R. A. (Creator), Gasser, T. (Creator), Gehlen, M. (Creator), Gkritzalis, T. (Creator), Gloege, L. (Creator), Grassi, G. (Creator), Gruber, N. (Creator), Gürses, Ö. (Creator), Harris, I. (Creator), Hefner, M. (Creator), Houghton, R. A. (Creator), Hurtt, G. C. (Creator), Iida, Y. (Creator), Ilyina, T. (Creator), Jain, A. K. (Creator), Jersild, A. (Creator), Kadono, K. (Creator), Kato, E. (Creator), Kennedy, D. (Creator), Klein Goldewijk, K. (Creator), Knauer, J. (Creator), Korsbakken, J. I. (Creator), Landschützer, P. (Creator), Lefèvre, N. (Creator), Lindsay, K. (Creator), Liu, J. (Creator), Liu, Z. (Creator), Marland, G. (Creator), Mayot, N. (Creator), Mcgrath, M. J. (Creator), Metzl, N. (Creator), Monacci, N. M. (Creator), Munro, D. R. (Creator), Nakaoka, S. (Creator), Niwa, Y. (Creator), O'brien, K. (Creator), Ono, T. (Creator), Palmer, P. I. (Creator), Pan, N. (Creator), Pierrot, D. (Creator), Pocock, K. (Creator), Poulter, B. (Creator), Resplandy, L. (Creator), Robertson, E. (Creator), Rödenbeck, C. (Creator), Rodriguez, C. (Creator), Rosan, T. M. (Creator), Schwinger, J. (Creator), Séférian, R. (Creator), Shutler, J. D. (Creator), Skjelvan, I. (Creator), Steinhoff, T. (Creator), Sun, Q. (Creator), Sutton, A. J. (Creator), Sweeney, C. (Creator), Takao, S. (Creator), Tanhua, T. (Creator), Tans, P. P. (Creator), Tian, X. (Creator), Tian, H. (Creator), Tilbrook, B. (Creator), Tsujino, H. (Creator), Tubiello, F. (Creator), Van Der Werf, G. R. (Creator), Walker, A. P. (Creator), Wanninkhof, R. (Creator), Whitehead, C. (Creator), Willstrand Wranne, A. (Creator), Wright, R. (Creator), Yuan, W. (Creator), Yue, C. (Creator), Yue, X. (Creator), Zaehle, S. (Creator), Zeng, J. (Creator) & Zheng, B. (Creator), Wageningen University, 13 Feb 2023


  • Local to regional methane emissions from the Upper Silesia Coal Basin (USCB) quantified using UAV-based atmospheric measurements

    Andersen, T. (Creator), de Vries, M. (Creator), Necki, J. (Creator), Swolkien, J. (Creator), Menoud, M. (Creator), Röckmann, T. (Creator), Roiger, A. (Creator), Fix, A. (Creator), Peters, W. (Creator) & Chen, H. (Creator), University of Groningen, 16 Dec 2021


  • Data for the consolidated European synthesis of CO2 emissions and removals for EU27 and UK: 1990-2020

    McGrath, M. J. (Creator), Petrescu, A. M. R. (Creator), Peylin, P. (Creator), Andrew, R. M. (Creator), Matthews, B. (Creator), Dentener, F. (Creator), Balkovič, J. (Creator), Bastrikov, V. (Creator), Becker, M. (Creator), Broquet, G. (Creator), Ciais, P. (Creator), Fortems, A. (Creator), Ganzenmüller, R. (Creator), Grassi, G. (Creator), Harris, I. (Creator), Jones, M. (Creator), Knauer, J. (Creator), Kuhnert, M. (Creator), Monteil, G. (Creator), Munassar, S. (Creator), Palmer, P. I. (Creator), Peters, G. P. (Creator), Qiu, C. (Creator), Schelhaas, M. (Creator), Tarasova, O. (Creator), Vizzarri, M. (Creator), Winkler, K. (Creator), Balsamo, G. (Creator), Berchet, A. (Creator), Briggs, P. (Creator), Brockmann, P. (Creator), Chevallier, F. (Creator), Conchedda, G. (Creator), Crippa, M. (Creator), Dellaert, S. (Creator), Denier van der Gon, H. A. C. (Creator), Filipek, S. (Creator), Friedlingstein, P. (Creator), Fuchs, R. (Creator), Gauss, M. (Creator), Gerbig, C. (Creator), Guizzardi, D. (Creator), Günther, D. (Creator), Houghton, R. A. (Creator), Janssens-Maenhout, G. (Creator), Lauerwald, R. (Creator), Lerink, B. (Creator), Luijkx, I. (Creator), Moulas, G. (Creator), Muntean, M. (Creator), Nabuurs, G. (Creator), Paquirissamy, A. (Creator), Perugini, L. (Creator), Peters, W. (Creator), Pilli, R. (Creator), Pongratz, J. (Creator), Regnier, P. (Creator), Scholze, M. (Creator), Serengil, Y. (Creator), Smith, P. (Creator), Solazzo, E. (Creator), Thompson, R. L. (Creator), Tubiello, F. N. (Creator), Vesala, T. (Creator) & Walther, S. (Creator), EGU/Copernicus, 26 Nov 2022