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  • Wastewater treatment plant contaminant profiles affect macroinvertebrate sludge degradation: data

    van der Meer, T. V. (Creator), Verdonschot, P. (Creator), van Eck, L. (Creator), Narain-Ford, D. (Creator) & Kraak, M. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 14 Feb 2022


  • Phylogenetic analysis of museum specimens of houting Coregonus oxyrinchus shows the need for a revision of its extinct status

    Kroes, R. (Creator), Winkel, Y. (Creator), Breeuwer, J. A. J. (Creator), van Loon, E. E. (Creator), Loader, S. P. (Creator), Maclaine, J. S. (Creator), Verdonschot, P. (Creator) & van der Geest, H. G. (Creator), University of Amsterdam, 27 Sept 2023


  • The recovery of European freshwater biodiversity has come to a halt

    Haase, P. (Creator), Bowler, D. E. (Creator), Baker, N. J. (Creator), Bonada, N. (Creator), Domisch, S. (Creator), Garcia Marquez, J. R. (Creator), Heino, J. (Creator), Hering, D. (Creator), Jähnig, S. C. (Creator), Schmidt-Kloiber, A. (Creator), Stubbington, R. (Creator), Altermatt, F. (Creator), Álvarez-Cabria, M. (Creator), Amatulli, G. (Creator), Angeler, D. G. (Creator), Archambaud-Suard, G. (Creator), Jorrín, I. A. (Creator), Aspin, T. (Creator), Azpiroz, I. (Creator), Bañares, I. (Creator), Ortiz, J. B. (Creator), Bodin, C. L. (Creator), Bonacina, L. (Creator), Bottarin, R. (Creator), Cañedo-Argüelles, M. (Creator), Csabai, Z. (Creator), Datry, T. (Creator), de Eyto, E. (Creator), Dohet, A. (Creator), Dörflinger, G. (Creator), Drohan, E. (Creator), Eikland, K. A. (Creator), England, J. (Creator), Eriksen, T. E. (Creator), Evtimova, V. (Creator), Feio, M. J. (Creator), Ferréol, M. (Creator), Floury, M. (Creator), Forcellini, M. (Creator), Forio, M. A. E. (Creator), Fornaroli, R. (Creator), Friberg, N. (Creator), Fruget, J. F. (Creator), Georgieva, G. (Creator), Goethals, P. (Creator), Graça, M. A. S. (Creator), Graf, W. (Creator), House, A. (Creator), Huttunen, K. L. (Creator), Jensen, T. C. (Creator), Johnson, R. K. (Creator), Jones, I. (Creator), Kiesel, J. (Creator), Kuglerová, L. (Creator), Larrañaga, A. (Creator), Leitner, P. (Creator), L’Hoste, L. (Creator), Lizée, M. H. (Creator), Lorenz, A. W. (Creator), Maire, A. (Creator), Arnaiz, J. A. M. (Creator), McKie, B. G. (Creator), Millán, A. (Creator), Monteith, D. (Creator), Muotka, T. (Creator), Murphy, J. F. (Creator), Ozolins, D. (Creator), Paavola, R. (Creator), Paril, P. (Creator), Peñas, F. J. (Creator), Pilotto, F. (Creator), Polášek, M. (Creator), Rasmussen, J. J. (Creator), Rubio, M. (Creator), Sánchez-Fernández, D. (Creator), Sandin, L. (Creator), Schäfer, R. B. (Creator), Scotti, A. (Creator), Shen, L. Q. (Creator), Skuja, A. (Creator), Stoll, S. (Creator), Straka, M. (Creator), Timm, H. (Creator), Tyufekchieva, V. G. (Creator), Tziortzis, I. (Creator), Uzunov, Y. (Creator), van der Lee, G. (Creator), Vannevel, R. (Creator), Varadinova, E. (Creator), Várbíró, G. (Creator), Velle, G. (Creator), Verdonschot, P. (Creator), Verdonschot, R. (Creator), Vidinova, Y. (Creator), Wiberg-Larsen, P. (Creator) & Welti, E. A. R. (Creator), 10 Aug 2023


  • Contrasting the roles of section length and instream habitat enhancement for river restoration success: a field study on 20 European restoration projects

    Hering, D. (Creator), Aroviita, J. (Creator), Baattrup-Pedersen, A. (Creator), Brabec, K. (Creator), Buijse, T. (Creator), Ecke, F. (Creator), Friberg, N. (Creator), Gielczewski, M. (Creator), Januschke, K. (Creator), Köhler, J. (Creator), Kupilas, B. (Creator), Lorenz, A. W. (Creator), Muhar, S. (Creator), Paillex, A. (Creator), Poppe, M. (Creator), Schmidt, T. (Creator), Schmutz, S. (Creator), Vermaat, J. (Creator), Verdonschot, R. (Creator), Verdonschot, P. (Creator), Wolter, C. (Creator) & Kail, J. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2015