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    • Data from: Towards smarter harvesting from natural palm populations by sparing the individuals that contribute most to population growth or productivity

      Jansen, M. (Creator), Anten, N. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Martínez-Ramos, M. (Creator) & Zuidema, P. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 22 Jan 2018


    • Tallo database

      Jucker, T. (Creator), Fischer, F. J. (Creator), Chave, J. (Creator), Coomes, D. A. (Creator), Caspersen, J. (Creator), Ali, A. (Creator), Loubota Panzou, G. J. (Creator), Feldpausch, T. R. (Creator), Falster, D. (Creator), Usoltsev, V. A. (Creator), Adu-Bredu, S. (Creator), Alves, L. F. (Creator), Aminpour, M. (Creator), Angoboy, I. B. (Creator), Anten, N. (Creator), Antin, C. (Creator), Askari, Y. (Creator), Muñoz Aviles, R. (Creator), Ayyappan, N. (Creator), Balvanera, P. (Creator), Banin, L. (Creator), Barbier, N. (Creator), Battles, J. J. (Creator), Beeckman, H. (Creator), Bocko, Y. E. (Creator), Bond-Lamberty, B. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Bowers, S. (Creator), Brade, T. (Creator), van Breugel, M. (Creator), Chantrain, A. (Creator), Chaudhary, R. (Creator), Dai, J. (Creator), Dalponte, M. (Creator), Dimobe, K. (Creator), Domec, J. C. (Creator), Doucet, J. L. (Creator), Duursma, R. A. (Creator), Enríquez, M. (Creator), van Ewijk, K. Y. (Creator), Farfán-Rios, W. (Creator), Fayolle, A. (Creator), Forni, E. (Creator), Forrester, D. I. (Creator), Gilani, H. (Creator), Godlee, J. L. (Creator), Gourlet-Fleury, S. (Creator), Haeni, M. (Creator), Hall, J. S. (Creator), He, J. K. (Creator), Hemp, A. (Creator), Hernández-Stefanoni, J. L. (Creator), Higgins, S. I. (Creator), Holdaway, R. J. (Creator), Hussain, K. (Creator), Hutley, L. B. (Creator), Ichie, T. (Creator), Iida, Y. (Creator), Jiang, H. S. (Creator), Joshi, P. R. (Creator), Kaboli, H. (Creator), Larsary, M. K. (Creator), Kenzo, T. (Creator), Kloeppel, B. D. (Creator), Kohyama, T. (Creator), Kunwar, S. (Creator), Kuyah, S. (Creator), Kvasnica, J. (Creator), Lin, S. (Creator), Lines, E. R. (Creator), Liu, H. (Creator), Lorimer, C. (Creator), Loumeto, J. J. (Creator), Malhi, Y. (Creator), Marshall, P. L. (Creator), Mattsson, E. (Creator), Matula, R. (Creator), Meave, J. A. (Creator), Mensah, S. (Creator), Mi, X. (Creator), Momo, S. (Creator), Moncrieff, G. R. (Creator), Mora, F. (Creator), Nissanka, S. P. (Creator), O'Hara, K. L. (Creator), Pearce, S. (Creator), Pelissier, R. (Creator), Peri, P. L. (Creator), Ploton, P. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Pour, M. J. (Creator), Pourbabaei, H. (Creator), Dupuy-Rada, J. M. (Creator), Ribeiro, S. C. (Creator), Ryan, C. (Creator), Sanaei, A. (Creator), Sanger, J. (Creator), Schlund, M. (Creator), Sellan, G. (Creator), Shenkin, A. (Creator), Sonké, B. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator), Svátek, M. (Creator), Takagi, K. (Creator), Trugman, A. T. (Creator), Ullah, F. (Creator), Vadeboncoeur, M. A. (Creator), Valipour, A. (Creator), Vanderwel, M. C. (Creator), Vovides, A. G. (Creator), Wang, W. (Creator), Wang, L. Q. (Creator), Wirth, C. (Creator), Woods, M. (Creator), Xiang, W. (Creator), de Aquino Ximenes, F. (Creator), Xu, Y. (Creator), Yamada, T. (Creator) & Zavala, M. A. (Creator), 13 Jun 2022


    • Corrections for rooting volume and plant size reveal negative effects of neighbour presence on root allocation in pea

      Chen, B. J. W. (Creator), During, H. J. (Creator), Vermeulen, P. (Creator), de Kroon, H. (Creator), Poorter, H. (Creator) & Anten, N. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2015


    • Sustainable harvesting of non-timber forest products based on ecological and economic criteria

      Hernandez-Barrios, J. C. (Creator), Anten, N. (Creator) & Martinez-Ramos, M. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2014