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Data from: Distribution and functionality of copy number variation across European cattle populations

Upadhyay, M. R. (Creator), Da Silva, V. (Creator), Megens, H. (Creator), Visker, M. H. P. W. (Creator), Ajmone-Marsan, P. (Creator), Bâlteanu, V. A. (Creator), Dunner, S. (Creator), Garcia, J. F. (Creator), Ginja, C. (Creator), Kantanen, J. (Creator), Groenen, M. (Creator), Crooijmans, R. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 24 Aug 2017


Parus major Genome sequencing and assembly

Laine, V. N. (Creator), Gossmann, T. I. (Creator), Schachtschneider, K. (Creator), Garroway, C. J. (Creator), Madsen, O. (Creator), Verhoeven, K. J. F. (Creator), De Jager, V. (Creator), Megens, H. (Creator), Warren, W. C. (Creator), Minx, P. (Creator), Crooijmans, R. (Creator), Corcoran, P. (Creator), Adriaensen, F. (Creator), Belda, E. (Creator), Bushuev, A. (Creator), Cichon, M. (Creator), Charmantier, A. (Creator), Dingemanse, N. (Creator), Doligez, B. (Creator), Eeva, T. (Creator), Erikstad, K. E. (Creator), Fedorov, S. (Creator), Hau, M. (Creator), Hille, S. (Creator), Hinde, C. (Creator), Kempenaers, B. (Creator), Kerimov, A. (Creator), Krist, M. (Creator), Mand, R. (Creator), Matthysen, E. (Creator), Nager, R. (Creator), Norte, C. (Creator), Orell, M. (Creator), Richner, H. (Creator), Slagsvold, T. (Creator), Tilgar, V. (Creator), Tinbergen, J. (Creator), Torok, J. (Creator), Tschirren, B. (Creator), Yuta, T. (Creator), Sheldon, B. C. (Creator), Slate, J. (Creator), Zeng, K. (Creator), van Oers, K. (Creator), Visser, M. (Creator), Groenen, M. (Creator), Wageningen University, 17 Jun 2013


Using genome-wide measures of coancestry to maintain diversity and fitness in endangered and domestic pig populations

Bosse, M. (Creator), Megens, H. (Creator), Madsen, O. (Creator), Crooijmans, R. (Creator), Ryder, O. A. (Creator), Austerlitz, F. (Creator), Groenen, M. (Creator), de Cara, M. A. R. (Creator), Wageningen University, 13 May 2015


Data from: Genome-wide SNP data unveils the globalization of domesticated pigs

Yang, B. (Creator), Cui, L. (Creator), Pérez-Enciso, M. (Creator), Traspov, A. (Creator), Crooijmans, R. (Creator), Zinovieva, N. (Creator), Schook, L. B. (Creator), Gatphayak, K. (Creator), Knorr, C. (Creator), Triantafyllidis, A. (Creator), Alexandri, P. (Creator), Semiadi, G. (Creator), Hanotte, O. (Creator), Dias, D. (Creator), Dovč, P. (Creator), Uimari, P. (Creator), Iacolina, L. (Creator), Scandura, M. (Creator), Groenen, M. (Creator), Huang, L. (Creator), Megens, H. (Creator), National Key Laboratory for Pig Genetic Improvement and Production Technology, 25 Sep 2017


WGS of pygmy hog and Babyrousa babyrussa

Liu, L. (Creator), Bosse, M. (Creator), Megens, H. (Creator), Frantz, L. A. F. (Creator), Lee, Y. L. (Creator), Irving-Pease, E. K. (Creator), Narayan, G. (Creator), Groenen, M. (Creator), Madsen, O. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 30 Apr 2019