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Expression of protocadherin gamma in skeletal muscle tissue is associated with age and muscle weakness

Hangelbroek, R. (Creator), Fazelzadeh, P. (Creator), Tieland, C. A. B. (Creator), Boekschoten, M. (Creator), Hooiveld, G. (Creator), van Duynhoven, J. (Creator), Timmons, J. (Creator), Verdijk, L. (Creator), de Groot, L. (Creator), van Loon, L. J. C. (Creator), Müller, M. R. (Creator), Wageningen University, 24 Jul 2018


The effects of long-term daily folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation on genome-wide DNA methylation in elderly subjects

Kok, D. (Creator), Dhonukshe-Rutten, R. (Creator), Lute, C. (Creator), Heil, S. G. (Creator), Uitterlinden, A. G. (Creator), van der Velde, N. (Creator), van Meurs, J. B. (Creator), van Schoor, N. M. (Creator), Hooiveld, G. (Creator), de Groot, L. (Creator), Kampman, E. (Creator), Steegenga, W. (Creator), Wageningen University, 16 Nov 2015


Differences in genome-wide gene expression response in PBMCs between young and old men upon caloric restriction

van Bussel, I. P. G. (Creator), Stoppelenburg, J. A. (Creator), de Groot, L. (Creator), Müller, M. R. (Creator), Afman, L. (Creator), Wageningen University, 24 Oct 2016


A saturated fatty acid rich diet can induce an 'obese-like' gene expression profile in adipose tissue

van Dijk, S. (Creator), Feskens, E. (Creator), Bos, M. B. (Creator), Hoelen, D. W. (Creator), Heijligenberg, R. (Creator), Grootte Bromhaar, M. (Creator), de Groot, L. (Creator), de Vries, J. (Creator), Muller, M. (Creator), Afman, L. (Creator), Wageningen University, 14 Feb 2010