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  • Good Practices and Success Cases for Short Food Supply Chains connecting consumers and producers

    Hyland, J. (Creator), Henchion, M. (Creator), Olomo, O. (Creator), Malliopoulos, G. (Contributor), Efthymiadou, E. (Contributor), Giagtzoglou, K. (Contributor), Malliopoulos, G. (Contributor), Efthymiadou, E. (Contributor), Giagtzoglou, K. (Contributor), Quesada, K. R. (Contributor), Bialik, A. (Contributor), Bober, T. (Contributor), Franco, V. J. C. (Contributor), Domínguez, C. G. (Contributor), Mutuş, B. (Contributor), Dinç, Ö. (Contributor), Gardarin, A. (Contributor), Bodin, P. (Contributor), Elguezabal, C. A. S. (Contributor), Dries, L. (Contributor), Attard, J. (Contributor), Sandvad, B. (Contributor), Aguilar, P. A. (Contributor), Vehmas, K. (Contributor), Kulju, M. (Contributor), Borsotto, P. (Contributor), Peñalosa, A. (Contributor), Ferrari, M. (Contributor) & Martone, D. (Contributor), Teagasc, 1 Jun 2022


  • Short Food Supply Chains Business and Marketing Models Categorisation

    Aguilar, P. A. (Creator), Dries, L. (Data Collector), Vehmas, K. (Data Collector), Simonsen, A. (Data Collector), Turan, C. (Data Collector), Bober, T. (Data Collector), Attard, J. (Data Collector), Franco, V. J. C. (Data Collector), Efthymiadou, E. (Data Collector), Malliopoulos, G. (Data Collector), Borsotto, P. (Data Collector) & Bodin, P. (Data Collector), Wageningen University & Research, 19 May 2022


  • agroBRIDGES Multi-Actor Framework Engagement Data Analysis

    Portaz, M. J. (Creator), Chavrier, N. (Creator), Álvarez, P. R. (Creator), Efthymiadou, E. (Contributor), Malliopoulos, G. (Contributor), Attard, J. (Contributor), Vehmas, K. (Contributor), Simonsen, A. (Contributor), Sandvad, B. (Contributor), Dries, L. (Contributor), Thiermann, I. (Contributor), Quesada, K. R. (Contributor), Bialik, A. (Contributor), Bober, T. (Contributor), Bodin, P. (Contributor), Boussit, M. (Contributor), Mutuş, B. (Contributor), Dinç, Ö. (Contributor), Giarè, F. (Contributor), Borsotto, P. (Contributor) & Giuca, S. (Contributor), Wageningen University & Research, 27 Dec 2022


  • agroBRIDGES EIP-AGRI Practice Abstracts

    Borsotto, P. (Creator), Cagliero, R. (Creator), Manetti, I. (Creator), Giordani, G. (Creator), Iacono, R. (Creator), Sardone, R. (Creator), Giarè, F. (Creator), Vehmas, K. (Creator), Kulju, M. (Creator), Bodin, P. (Creator), Efthymiadou, E. (Creator), Malliopoulos, G. (Creator), Olomo, O. (Creator), Henchion, M. (Creator), Attard, J. (Creator), Quesada, K. R. (Creator), Dries, L. (Creator), Thiermann, I. (Creator), Franco, V. J. C. (Creator), Portaz, M. J. (Creator), Dinç, Ö. (Creator), Mutuş, B. (Creator), Simonsen, A. (Creator) & Sandvad, B. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 2 Dec 2022


  • Sustainability performance of certified and non-certified food

    Bellassen, V. (Creator), Arfini, F. (Creator), Antonioli, F. (Creator), Bodini, A. (Creator), Boehm, M. (Creator), Brečić, R. (Creator), Chiussi, S. (Creator), Csillag, P. (Creator), Donati, M. (Creator), Dries, L. (Creator), Drut, M. (Creator), de Labarre, M. D. (Creator), Ferrer Pérez, H. (Creator), Filipović, J. (Creator), Gauvrit, L. (Creator), Gil, J. M. (Creator), Gorton, M. (Creator), Hoàng, V. (Creator), Hilal, M. (Creator), Knutsen Steinnes, K. (Creator), Lilavanichakul, A. (Creator), Malak-Rawlikowska, A. (Creator), Majewski, E. (Creator), Monier-Dilhan, S. (Creator), Muller, P. (Creator), Napasintuwong, O. (Creator), Nikolaou, K. (Creator), Nguyen, M. (Creator), Quynh, A. N. (Creator), Papadopoulos, I. (Creator), Peerlings, J. (Creator), Poméon, T. (Creator), Tocco, B. (Creator), Török, A. (Creator), Ristic, B. (Creator), Schaer, B. (Creator), Stojanovic, Z. (Creator), Tomić Maksan, M. (Creator), Veneziani, M. (Creator) & Vittersø, G. (Creator), 31 Mar 2021