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  • EUNIS-ESy: Expert system for automatic classification of European vegetation plots to EUNIS habitats

    Chytrý, M. (Creator), Tichý, L. (Creator), Hennekens, S. (Creator), Knollová, I. (Creator), Janssen, J. (Creator), Rodwell, J. S. (Creator), Peterka, T. (Creator), Marcenò, C. (Creator), Landucci, F. (Creator), Danihelka, J. (Creator), Hájek, M. (Creator), Dengler, J. (Creator), Novák, P. (Creator), Zukal, D. (Creator), Jiménez-Alfaro, B. (Creator), Mucina, L. (Creator), Abdulhak, S. (Creator), Aćić, S. (Creator), Agrillo, E. (Creator), Attorre, F. (Creator), Bergmeier, E. (Creator), Biurrun, I. (Creator), Boch, S. (Creator), Bölöni, J. (Creator), Bonari, G. (Creator), Braslavskaya, T. (Creator), Bruelheide, H. (Creator), Campos, J. A. (Creator), Čarni, A. (Creator), Casella, L. (Creator), Ćuk, M. (Creator), Ćušterevska, R. (Creator), De Bie, E. (Creator), Delbosc, P. (Creator), Demina, O. (Creator), Didukh, Y. (Creator), Dítě, D. (Creator), Dziuba, T. (Creator), Ewald, J. (Creator), Gavilán, R. G. (Creator), Gégout, J. C. (Creator), Giusso del Galdo, G. P. (Creator), Golub, V. (Creator), Goncharova, N. (Creator), Goral, F. (Creator), Graf, U. (Creator), Indreica, A. (Creator), Isermann, M. (Creator), Jandt, U. (Creator), Jansen, F. (Creator), Jansen, J. (Creator), Jašková, A. (Creator), Jiroušek, M. (Creator), Kącki, Z. (Creator), Kalníková, V. (Creator), Kavgacı, A. (Creator), Khanina, L. (Creator), Yu. Korolyuk, A. (Creator), Kozhevnikova, M. (Creator), Kuzemko, A. (Creator), Küzmič, F. (Creator), Kuznetsov, O. L. (Creator), Laiviņš, M. (Creator), Lavrinenko, I. (Creator), Lavrinenko, O. (Creator), Lebedeva, M. (Creator), Lososová, Z. (Creator), Lysenko, T. (Creator), Maciejewski, L. (Creator), Mardari, C. (Creator), Marinšek, A. (Creator), Napreenko, M. G. (Creator), Onyshchenko, V. (Creator), Pérez-Haase, A. (Creator), Pielech, R. (Creator), Prokhorov, V. (Creator), Rašomavičius, V. (Creator), Rodríguez Rojo, M. P. (Creator), Rūsiņa, S. (Creator), Schrautzer, J. (Creator), Šibík, J. (Creator), Šilc, U. (Creator), Škvorc, Ž. (Creator), Smagin, V. A. (Creator), Stančić, Z. (Creator), Stanisci, A. (Creator), Tikhonova, E. (Creator), Tonteri, T. (Creator), Uogintas, D. (Creator), Valachovič, M. (Creator), Vassilev, K. (Creator), Vynokurov, D. (Creator), Willner, W. (Creator), Yamalov, S. (Creator), Evans, D. (Creator), Palitzsch Lund, M. (Creator), Spyropoulou, R. (Creator), Tryfon, E. (Creator) & Schaminee, J. (Creator), Masaryk University, 8 Jun 2020


  • De Landelijke Vegetatie Databank

    Schaminee, J. (Creator), Hennekens, S. (Creator) & Zwaanswijk, T. (Creator), Alterra, 2 Apr 2006


  • Distribution maps of vegetation alliances in Europe

    Preislerová, Z. (Creator), Jiménez-Alfaro, B. (Creator), Mucina, L. (Creator), Berg, C. (Creator), Bonari, G. (Creator), Kuzemko, A. (Creator), Landucci, F. (Creator), Marcenò, C. (Creator), Monteiro-Henriques, T. (Creator), Novák, P. (Creator), Vynokurov, D. (Creator), Bergmeier, E. (Creator), Dengler, J. (Creator), Apostolova, I. (Creator), Bioret, F. (Creator), Biurrun, I. (Creator), Campos, J. A. (Creator), Capelo, J. (Creator), Čarni, A. (Creator), Çoban, S. (Creator), Csiky, J. (Creator), Ćuk, M. (Creator), Ćušterevska, R. (Creator), Daniëls, F. J. A. (Creator), De Sanctis, M. (Creator), Didukh, Y. (Creator), Dítě, D. (Creator), Fanelli, G. (Creator), Golovanov, Y. (Creator), Golub, V. (Creator), Guarino, R. (Creator), Hájek, M. (Creator), Iakushenko, D. (Creator), Indreica, A. (Creator), Jansen, F. (Creator), Jašková, A. (Creator), Jiroušek, M. (Creator), Kalníková, V. (Creator), Kavgacı, A. (Creator), Kucherov, I. (Creator), Küzmič, F. (Creator), Lebedeva, M. (Creator), Loidi, J. (Creator), Lososová, Z. (Creator), Lysenko, T. (Creator), Milanović, Đ. (Creator), Onyshchenko, V. (Creator), Perrin, G. (Creator), Peterka, T. (Creator), Rašomavičius, V. (Creator), Rodríguez-Rojo, M. P. (Creator), Rodwell, J. S. (Creator), Rūsiņa, S. (Creator), Sánchez-Mata, D. (Creator), Schaminee, J. (Creator), Semenishchenkov, Y. (Creator), Shevchenko, N. (Creator), Šibík, J. (Creator), Škvorc, Ž. (Creator), Smagin, V. (Creator), Stešević, D. (Creator), Stupar, V. (Creator), Šumberová, K. (Creator), Theurillat, J. P. (Creator), Tikhonova, E. (Creator), Tzonev, R. (Creator), Valachovič, M. (Creator), Vassilev, K. (Creator), Willner, W. (Creator), Yamalov, S. (Creator) & Chytrý, M. (Creator), Masaryk University, 28 Jan 2022


  • SynBioSys NL

    Hennekens, S. (Creator) & Schaminee, J. (Creator), Wageningen Environmental Research, 2002