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Data from: Plant species richness negatively affects root decomposition in grasslands

Chen, H. (Creator), Mommer, L. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), de Kroon, H. (Creator), Fischer, C. (Creator), Gessler, A. (Creator), Hildebrandt, A. (Creator), Scherer-Lorenzen, M. (Creator), Wirth, C. (Creator) & Weigelt, A. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 2016


Species richness and the temporal stability of biomass production: a new analysis of recent biodiversity experiments

Gross, K. (Creator), Cardinale, B. J. (Creator), Fox, J. W. (Creator), Gonzalez, A. (Creator), Loreau, M. (Creator), Polley, H. W. (Creator), Reich, P. B. (Creator) & van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2013


The role of fine‐root mass, specific root length and lifespan in tree performance: a whole‐tree exploration

Weemstra, M. (Creator), Kiorapostolou, N. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Mommer, L. (Creator), de Vries, J. (Creator) & Sterck, F. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 5 Jan 2020


Root associated fungal communities from the Wageningen long term biodiversity-productivity experiment

Mommer, L. (Creator), Cotton, A. (Creator), Raaijmakers, J. M. (Creator), Termorshuizen, A. J. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Hendriks, M. (Creator), van Rijssel, S. (Creator), van de Mortel, J. E. (Creator), van der Paauw, J. W. M. (Creator), Schijlen, E. (Creator), Smit-Tiekstra, A. (Creator), Berendse, F. (Creator), de Kroon, H. (Creator) & Dumbrell, A. J. (Creator), University of Sheffield, 24 Dec 2017


Data from: Using root traits to understand temporal changes in biodiversity effects in grassland mixtures.

Bakker, L. M. (Creator), Mommer, L. (Creator) & van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Laboratory of Plant Ecology, 11 Sep 2018


Data from: Environmental changes drive the temporal stability of semi-arid natural grasslands through altering species asynchrony

Xu, Z. (Creator), Ren, H. (Creator), Li, M. H. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Han, X. (Creator), Wan, S. (Creator), Li, H. (Creator), Yu, Q. (Creator), Jiang, Y. (Creator) & Jiang, L. (Creator), 23 Jun 2015


Data from: Above and belowground responses of four tundra plant functional types to deep soil heating and surface soil fertilization

Wang, P. (Creator), Limpens, J. (Creator), Mommer, L. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), Nauta, A. L. (Creator), Berendse, F. (Creator), Schaepman-Strub, G. (Creator), Blok, D. (Creator), Maximov, T. C. (Creator) & Heijmans, M. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 29 Nov 2016


Species richness, but not phylogenetic diversity, influences community biomass production and temporal stability in a re-examination of 16 grassland biodiversity studies

Venail, P. (Creator), Gross, K. (Creator), Oakley, T. H. (Creator), Narwani, A. (Creator), Allan, E. (Creator), Flombaum, P. (Creator), Isbell, F. (Creator), Joshi, J. (Creator), Reich, P. B. (Creator), Tilman, D. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator) & Cardinale, B. J. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2015


Diversity effects on root length production and loss in an experimental grassland community

Mommer, L. (Creator), Padilla, F. M. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator), de Caluwe, H. (Creator), Smit-Tiekstra, A. E. (Creator), Berendse, F. (Creator) & de Kroon, H. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2015


Data from: Belowground complementarity effects in a grassland biodiversity experiment are related to deep-rooting species

Oram, N. (Creator), Ravenek, J. M. (Creator), Barry, K. E. (Creator), Weigelt, A. (Creator), Chen, H. (Creator), Gessler, A. (Creator), Gockele, A. (Creator), de Kroon, H. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator) & Mommer, L. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 6 Oct 2017


Data from: Taxonomic and functional turnover are decoupled in European peat bogs

Robroek, B. J. M. (Creator), Jassey, V. E. J. (Creator), Payne, R. J. (Creator), Martí, M. (Creator), Bragazza, L. (Creator), Bleeker, A. (Creator), Buttler, A. (Creator), Caporn, S. J. M. (Creator), Dise, N. B. (Creator), Kattge, J. (Creator), Zajac, K. (Creator), Svensson, B. H. (Creator), van Ruijven, J. (Creator) & Verhoeven, J. T. A. (Creator), Utrecht University, 27 Oct 2017