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Complete genome sequence of the Akkermansia glycaniphila strain PytT a mucin-degrading specialist of the reticulated python gut

Ouwerkerk, J. P. (Creator), Koehorst, J. (Creator), Schaap, P. (Creator), Ritari, J. (Creator), Paulin, L. (Creator), Belzer, C. (Creator), de Vos, W. (Creator), Wageningen University, 2 Sep 2016


Diversity of tryptophan halogenases in sponges of the genus Aplysina

Gutleben, J. (Creator), Koehorst, J. (Creator), Mcpherson, K. (Creator), Pomponi, S. (Creator), Wijffels, R. (Creator), Smidt, H. (Creator), Sipkema, D. (Creator), Wageningen University, 17 Sep 2018


Comparative genomics, symbiotic capacities and high metabolic flexibility of the marine genus Pseudovibrio

Versluis, D. (Creator), Nijsse, B. (Creator), Mohamad, M. A. N. (Creator), Koehorst, J. (Creator), Wiese, J. (Creator), Imhoff, J. F. (Creator), Schaap, P. (Creator), van Passel, M. W. J. (Creator), Smidt, H. (Creator), Sipkema, D. (Creator), Wageningen University, 28 Jun 2017


Effects of Argonaute on gene expression in Thermus thermophilus

Swarts, D. (Creator), Koehorst, J. (Creator), Westra, E. R. (Creator), Schaap, P. (Creator), van der Oost, J. (Creator), Wageningen University, 23 Apr 2015


RNA-targeting by the Type III-A CRISPR-Cas complex of Thermus thermophilus

Staals, R. (Creator), Zhu, Y. (Creator), Taylor, D. W. (Creator), Kornfeld, J. E. (Creator), Sharma, K. (Creator), Barendregt, A. (Creator), Koehorst, J. (Creator), Vlot, M. (Creator), Neupane, N. (Creator), Varossieau, K. (Creator), Sakamoto, K. (Creator), Suzuki, T. (Creator), Schaap, P. (Creator), Urlaub, H. (Creator), Heck, A. J. R. (Creator), Nogales, E. (Creator), Doudna, J. A. (Creator), Shinkai, A. (Creator), van der Oost, J. (Creator), Wageningen University, 9 Oct 2014