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Lifelong calorie restriction and markers of colonic health in aging mice

Kok, D. (Creator), Rusli, F. (Creator), van der Lugt, B. (Creator), Lute, C. (Creator), Laghi, L. (Creator), Salvioli, S. (Creator), Picone, G. (Creator), Franceschi, C. (Creator), Smidt, H. (Creator), Vervoort, J. (Creator), Kampman, E. (Creator), Müller, M. (Creator), Steegenga, W. (Creator), Wageningen University, 27 Mar 2018


Modulating the gut microbiota by dietary guar gum protects against diet-induced obesity but promotes non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in mice

Janssen, A. (Creator), Houben, T. (Creator), Katiraei, S. (Creator), Boutens, L. (Creator), van der Bolt, N. (Creator), Wang, Z. (Creator), Brown, J. M. (Creator), Hazen, S. L. (Creator), Shiri-Sverdlov, R. (Creator), Willems van Dijk, K. (Creator), Vervoort, J. (Creator), Stienstra, R. (Creator), Hooiveld, G. (Creator), Kersten, S. (Creator), Wageningen University, 6 Jun 2017


Changes over lactation in breast milk serum proteins

Zhang, L. (Creator), de Waard, M. (Creator), Verheijen, H. (Creator), Boeren, S. (Creator), Hageman, J. (Creator), van Hooijdonk, A. C. M. (Creator), Vervoort, J. (Creator), van Goudoever, J. B. (Creator), Hettinga, K. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 12 Feb 2016