Harry Kortstee, MAB



    Hans Dagevos

    Person: Other, Academic

    Linda Puister-Jansen

    Person: Other

    Vincent Blok

    Person: Academic

    Lucia Kaal-Lansbergen

    • Staff - Management Director

    Person: Management

    Houkje Adema, MSc

    Person: Academic, PhD-student

    H. Mols

    • Lentiz onderwijsgroep

    External person

    Olivier Guidot

    • Flanders Research Institute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO)

    External person

    Rafa Aguado

    • BOLT Accelerator

    External person

    M. van Rietschoten

    • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV)

    External person

    H. van Roekel

    • Platform Melkgeitenhouderij

    External person