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  • Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative (GFBI)- Dataset Global#1

    Liang, J. (Creator), Crowther, T. W. (Creator), Picard, N. (Creator), Hengeveld, G. (Creator), Nabuurs, G. (Creator), Schelhaas, M. (Creator) & Lu, H. (Creator), West Virginia University, 5 Dec 2016


  • Data from: The 2018 European heatwave led to stem dehydration but not to consistent growth reductions in forests

    Salomón, R. L. (Creator), Peters, R. L. (Creator), Zweifel, R. (Creator), Sass-Klaassen, U. (Creator), Stegehuis, A. I. (Creator), Smiljanic, M. (Creator), Poyatos, R. (Creator), Babst, F. (Creator), Cienciala, E. (Creator), Fonti, P. (Creator), Lerink, B. (Creator), Lindner, M. (Creator), Martinez-Vilalta, J. (Creator), Mencuccini, M. (Creator), Nabuurs, G. (Creator), van der Maaten, E. (Creator), von Arx, G. (Creator), Bär, A. (Creator), Akhmetzyanov, L. (Creator), Balanzategui, D. (Creator), Bellan, M. (Creator), Bendix, J. (Creator), Berveiller, D. (Creator), Blaženec, M. (Creator), Čada, V. (Creator), Carraro, V. (Creator), Cecchini, S. (Creator), Chan, T. (Creator), Conedera, M. (Creator), Delpierre, N. (Creator), Delzon, S. (Creator), Ditmarová, Ľ. (Creator), Dolezal, J. (Creator), Dufrêne, E. (Creator), Edvardsson, J. (Creator), Ehekircher, S. (Creator), Forner, A. (Creator), Frouz, J. (Creator), Ganthaler, A. (Creator), Gryc, V. (Creator), Güney, A. (Creator), Heinrich, I. (Creator), Hentschel, R. (Creator), Janda, P. (Creator), Ježík, M. (Creator), Kahle, H. P. (Creator), Knüsel, S. (Creator), Krejza, J. (Creator), Kuberski, Ł. (Creator), Kučera, J. (Creator), Lebourgeois, F. (Creator), Mikoláš, M. (Creator), Matula, R. (Creator), Mayr, S. (Creator), Oberhuber, W. (Creator), Obojes, N. (Creator), Osborne, B. (Creator), Paljakka, T. (Creator), Plichta, R. (Creator), Rabbel, I. (Creator), Rathgeber, C. B. K. (Creator), Salmon, Y. (Creator), Saunders, M. (Creator), Scharnweber, T. (Creator), Sitková, Z. (Creator), Stangler, D. F. (Creator), Stereńczak, K. (Creator), Stojanović, M. (Creator), Střelcová, K. (Creator), Světlík, J. (Creator), Svoboda, M. (Creator), Tobin, B. (Creator), Trotsiuk, V. (Creator), Urban, J. (Creator), Valladares, F. (Creator), Vavrčík, H. (Creator), Vejpustková, M. (Creator), Walthert, L. (Creator), Wilmking, M. (Creator), Zin, E. (Creator), Zou, J. (Creator) & Steppe, K. (Creator), Ghent University, 18 Nov 2021


  • Dataset for "Changes in Global Terrestrial Live Biomass over the 21st Century"

    Xu, L. (Creator), Saatchi, S. S. (Creator), Yang, Y. (Creator), Yu, Y. (Creator), Pongratz, J. (Creator), Anthony Bloom, A. (Creator), Bowman, K. (Creator), Worden, J. (Creator), Liu, J. (Creator), Yin, Y. (Creator), Domke, G. (Creator), McRoberts, R. E. (Creator), Woodall, C. (Creator), Nabuurs, G. (Creator), De-Miguel, S. (Creator), Keller, M. (Creator), Harris, N. (Creator), Maxwell, S. (Creator) & Schimel, D. (Creator), 18 May 2021