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  • FEM Growth and Yield Data - Tropical Lowland Rainforest – Suriname Mapane

    de Graaf, N. R. (Creator), Jonkers, W. B. J. (Creator), Jansen, J. J. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator), Stuiver, B. M. (Creator), Wirjosentono, J. (Creator) & Mohren, F. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 16 Feb 2018


  • Forest structure drives changes in light heterogeneity during tropical secondary forest succession

    Matsuo, T. (Creator), Martínez-Ramos, M. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), van der Sande, M. (Contributor) & Poorter, L. (Contributor), Wageningen University & Research, 24 May 2021


  • Functional recovery of secondary tropical forests

    Poorter, L. (Creator), Rozendaal, D. (Other), Bongers, F. (Other), Almeida de Jarcilene, S. (Data Collector), Àlvarez, F. S. (Data Collector), Luìs Andrade, J. (Data Collector), Arreola Villa, L. F. (Data Collector), Becknell, J. M. (Data Collector), Bhaskar, R. (Data Collector), Boukili, V. (Data Collector), Brancalion, P. H. S. (Data Collector), Cèsar, R. G. (Data Collector), Chave, J. (Data Collector), Chazdon, R. L. (Data Collector), Colletta, G. D. (Data Collector), Craven, D. (Data Collector), de Jong, B. H. J. (Data Collector), Denslow, J. S. (Data Collector), Dent, D. H. (Data Collector), DeWalt, S. J. (Data Collector), Dìaz Garcìa, E. (Data Collector), Dupuy, J. M. (Data Collector), Duràn, S. M. (Data Collector), Espìrito Santo, M. M. (Data Collector), Fernandes, G. W. (Data Collector), Finegan, B. (Data Collector), Moser, V. G. (Data Collector), Hall, J. S. (Data Collector), Hernàndez-Stefanoni, J. L. (Data Collector), Jakovac, C. C. (Data Collector), Kennard, D. (Data Collector), Lebrija-Trejos, E. (Data Collector), Letcher, S. G. (Data Collector), Lohbeck, M. (Data Collector), Lopez, O. R. (Data Collector), Marìn-Spiotta, E. (Data Collector), Martìnez-Ramos, M. (Data Collector), Meave, J. A. (Data Collector), Mora, F. (Data Collector), de Souza Moreno, V. (Data Collector), Müller, S. C. (Data Collector), Muñoz Aviles, R. (Data Collector), Muscarella, R. (Data Collector), Nunes, Y. R. F. (Data Collector), Ochoa-Gaona, S. (Data Collector), Oliveira, R. S. (Data Collector), Paz, H. (Data Collector), Sanchez-Azofeifa, A. (Data Collector), Sanaphre-Villanueva, L. (Data Collector), Toledo, M. (Data Collector), Uriarte, M. (Data Collector), Utrera, L. P. (Data Collector), van Breugel, M. (Data Collector), van der Sande, M. (Contributor), Veloso, M. D. M. (Data Collector), Wright, J. (Data Collector), Zanini, K. J. (Data Collector), Zimmerman, J. K. (Data Collector) & Westoby, M. (Contributor), Wageningen University & Research, 18 Nov 2021


  • Data from: Genetic differences among Cedrela odorata sites in Bolivia provide limited potential for fine-scale timber tracing

    Paredes Villanueva, K. (Creator), de Groot, A. (Creator), Laros, I. (Creator), Bovenschen, J. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator) & Zuidema, P. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 25 Apr 2019


  • Functional biogeography of Neotropical moist forests: trait-climate relationships and assembly patterns of tree communities

    Pinho, B. X. (Creator), Tabarelli, M. (Creator), ter Braak, C. (Creator), Wright, S. J. (Creator), Arroyo-Rodríguez, V. (Creator), Benchimol, M. (Creator), Engelbrecht, B. M. J. (Creator), Pierce, S. (Creator), Hietz, P. (Creator), Santos, B. A. (Creator), Peres, C. A. (Creator), Müller, S. C. (Creator), Wright, I. J. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Lohbeck, M. (Creator), Niinemets, Ü. (Creator), Slot, M. (Creator), Jansen, S. (Creator), Jamelli, D. (Creator), de Lima, R. A. F. (Creator), Swenson, N. (Creator), Condit, R. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Slik, F. (Creator), Hernández-Ruedas, M. A. (Creator), Mendes, G. (Creator), Martínez-Ramos, M. (Creator), Pitman, N. (Creator), Kraft, N. (Creator), Garwood, N. (Creator), Guevara Andino, J. E. (Creator), Faria, D. (Creator), Chacón-Madrigal, E. (Creator), Mariano-Neto, E. (Creator), Júnior, V. (Creator), Kattge, J. (Creator) & Melo, F. P. L. (Creator), 13 Nov 2021