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  • Data for: Functional traits shape tree species distribution in the Himalayas

    Maharjan, S. K. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator), Dhakal, B. P. (Creator), Makri, M. (Creator) & Poorter, L. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 1 Jan 2022


  • FEM Growth and Yield Data - Tropical Lowland Rainforest – Suriname Mapane

    de Graaf, N. R. (Creator), Jonkers, W. B. J. (Creator), Jansen, J. J. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator), Stuiver, B. M. (Creator), Wirjosentono, J. (Creator) & Mohren, F. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 16 Feb 2018


  • BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants

    Falster, D. S. (Creator), Markesteijn, L. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator) & Anten, N. (Creator), 10 Aug 2016


  • Data package from 'Pantropical variability in tree crown allometry' Global Ecology and Biogeography 2021

    Loubota Panzou, G. J. (Creator), Fayolle, A. (Creator), Jucker, T. (Creator), Phillips, O. (Creator), Bohlman, S. (Creator), Banin, L. F. (Creator), Lewis, S. L. (Creator), Affum-Baffoe, K. (Creator), Alves, L. F. (Creator), Antin, C. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Arroyo, L. (Creator), Baker, T. R. (Creator), Barbier, N. (Creator), Beeckman, H. (Creator), Berger, U. (Creator), Enock Bocko, Y. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Bowers, S. (Creator), Brade, T. (Creator), Brondizio, E. S. (Creator), Chantrain, A. (Creator), Chave, J. (Creator), Compaore, H. (Creator), Coomes, D. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator) & Veenendaal, E. (Creator), University of Exeter, 2021


  • Tallo database

    Jucker, T. (Creator), Fischer, F. J. (Creator), Chave, J. (Creator), Coomes, D. A. (Creator), Caspersen, J. (Creator), Ali, A. (Creator), Loubota Panzou, G. J. (Creator), Feldpausch, T. R. (Creator), Falster, D. (Creator), Usoltsev, V. A. (Creator), Adu-Bredu, S. (Creator), Alves, L. F. (Creator), Aminpour, M. (Creator), Angoboy, I. B. (Creator), Anten, N. (Creator), Antin, C. (Creator), Askari, Y. (Creator), Muñoz Aviles, R. (Creator), Ayyappan, N. (Creator), Balvanera, P. (Creator), Banin, L. (Creator), Barbier, N. (Creator), Battles, J. J. (Creator), Beeckman, H. (Creator), Bocko, Y. E. (Creator), Bond-Lamberty, B. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Bowers, S. (Creator), Brade, T. (Creator), van Breugel, M. (Creator), Chantrain, A. (Creator), Chaudhary, R. (Creator), Dai, J. (Creator), Dalponte, M. (Creator), Dimobe, K. (Creator), Domec, J. C. (Creator), Doucet, J. L. (Creator), Duursma, R. A. (Creator), Enríquez, M. (Creator), van Ewijk, K. Y. (Creator), Farfán-Rios, W. (Creator), Fayolle, A. (Creator), Forni, E. (Creator), Forrester, D. I. (Creator), Gilani, H. (Creator), Godlee, J. L. (Creator), Gourlet-Fleury, S. (Creator), Haeni, M. (Creator), Hall, J. S. (Creator), He, J. K. (Creator), Hemp, A. (Creator), Hernández-Stefanoni, J. L. (Creator), Higgins, S. I. (Creator), Holdaway, R. J. (Creator), Hussain, K. (Creator), Hutley, L. B. (Creator), Ichie, T. (Creator), Iida, Y. (Creator), Jiang, H. S. (Creator), Joshi, P. R. (Creator), Kaboli, H. (Creator), Larsary, M. K. (Creator), Kenzo, T. (Creator), Kloeppel, B. D. (Creator), Kohyama, T. (Creator), Kunwar, S. (Creator), Kuyah, S. (Creator), Kvasnica, J. (Creator), Lin, S. (Creator), Lines, E. R. (Creator), Liu, H. (Creator), Lorimer, C. (Creator), Loumeto, J. J. (Creator), Malhi, Y. (Creator), Marshall, P. L. (Creator), Mattsson, E. (Creator), Matula, R. (Creator), Meave, J. A. (Creator), Mensah, S. (Creator), Mi, X. (Creator), Momo, S. (Creator), Moncrieff, G. R. (Creator), Mora, F. (Creator), Nissanka, S. P. (Creator), O'Hara, K. L. (Creator), Pearce, S. (Creator), Pelissier, R. (Creator), Peri, P. L. (Creator), Ploton, P. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Pour, M. J. (Creator), Pourbabaei, H. (Creator), Dupuy-Rada, J. M. (Creator), Ribeiro, S. C. (Creator), Ryan, C. (Creator), Sanaei, A. (Creator), Sanger, J. (Creator), Schlund, M. (Creator), Sellan, G. (Creator), Shenkin, A. (Creator), Sonké, B. (Creator), Sterck, F. (Creator), Svátek, M. (Creator), Takagi, K. (Creator), Trugman, A. T. (Creator), Ullah, F. (Creator), Vadeboncoeur, M. A. (Creator), Valipour, A. (Creator), Vanderwel, M. C. (Creator), Vovides, A. G. (Creator), Wang, W. (Creator), Wang, L. Q. (Creator), Wirth, C. (Creator), Woods, M. (Creator), Xiang, W. (Creator), de Aquino Ximenes, F. (Creator), Xu, Y. (Creator), Yamada, T. (Creator) & Zavala, M. A. (Creator), 13 Jun 2022