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Data from: Carrying a logger reduces escape flight speed in a passerine bird, but relative logger mass may be a misleading measure of this flight performance detriment

Mizumo Tomotani, B. (Creator), Bil, W. (Creator), van der Jeugd, H. P. (Creator), Pieters, R. (Creator), Muijres, F. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 30 Oct 2018


Supplementary material from "Flies compensate for unilateral wing damage through modular adjustments of wing and body kinematics"

Muijres, F. (Creator), Iwasaki, N. A. (Creator), Elzinga, M. J. (Creator), Melis, J. M. (Creator), Dickinson, M. H. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 14 Nov 2016


Data from: Simulated moult reduces flight performance but overlap with breeding does not affect breeding success in a long-distance migrant

Mizumo Tomotani, B. (Creator), Muijres, F. (Creator), Koelman, J. (Creator), Casagrande, S. (Creator), Visser, M. E. (Creator), NIOO-KNAW, 22 Aug 2017


Data from: Escaping blood-fed malaria mosquitoes minimize tactile detection without compromising on take-off speed

Muijres, F. (Creator), Chang, S. W. (Creator), van Veen, W. (Creator), Spitzen, J. (Creator), Biemans, B. (Creator), Koehl, M. A. R. (Creator), Dudley, R. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 17 Aug 2017