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  • Old-growth Neotropical forests are shifting in species and trait composition

    van der Sande, M. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Pena Claros, M. (Creator), Avila, L. A. (Creator), Roopsind, A. (Creator), Mazzei, L. (Creator), Ascarrunz, N. (Creator), Finegan, B. (Creator), Alarcón, A. (Creator), Caceres-Siani, Y. (Creator), Licona, J. C. (Creator), Ruschel, A. R. (Creator), Toledo, M. (Creator) & Poorter, L. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2016


  • Data from Sullivan et al. (2020) Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests. Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.aaw7578.

    Sullivan, M. J. P. (Creator), Lewis, S. L. (Creator), Affum-Baffoe, K. (Creator), Castilho, C. (Creator), Costa, F. (Creator), Sanchez, A. C. (Creator), Ewango, C. E. N. (Creator), Hubau, W. (Creator), Marimon, B. (Creator), Monteagudo-Mendoza, A. (Creator), Qie, L. (Creator), Sonké, B. (Creator), Martinez, R. V. (Creator), Baker, T. R. (Creator), Brienen, R. J. W. (Creator), Feldpausch, T. R. (Creator), Galbraith, D. (Creator), Gloor, M. (Creator), Malhi, Y. (Creator), Aiba, S. I. (Creator), Alexiades, M. N. (Creator), Almeida, E. C. (Creator), de Oliveira, E. A. (Creator), Dávila, E. Á. (Creator), Loayza, P. A. (Creator), Andrade, A. (Creator), Vieira, S. A. (Creator), Aragão, L. E. O. C. (Creator), Araujo-Murakami, A. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Arroyo, L. (Creator), Ashton, P. (Creator), Aymard C, G. (Creator), Baccaro, F. B. (Creator), Banin, L. F. (Creator), Baraloto, C. (Creator), Camargo, P. B. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Barroso, J. (Creator), Bastin, J. F. (Creator), Batterman, S. A. (Creator), Beeckman, H. (Creator), Begne, S. K. (Creator), Bennett, A. C. (Creator), Berenguer, E. (Creator), Berry, N. (Creator), Blanc, L. (Creator), Boeckx, P. (Creator), Bogaert, J. (Creator), Bonal, D. (Creator), Bongers, F. (Creator), Bradford, M. (Creator), Brearley, F. Q. (Creator), Brncic, T. (Creator), Brown, F. (Creator), Burban, B. (Creator), Camargo, J. L. (Creator), Castro, W. (Creator), Céron, C. (Creator), Ribeiro, S. C. (Creator), Moscoso, V. C. (Creator), Chave, J. (Creator), Chezeaux, E. (Creator), Clark, C. J. (Creator), de Souza, F. C. (Creator), Collins, M. (Creator), Comiskey, J. A. (Creator), Valverde, F. C. (Creator), Medina, M. C. (Creator), da Costa, L. (Creator), Dančák, M. (Creator), Dargie, G. C. (Creator), Davies, S. (Creator), Cardozo, N. D. (Creator), de Haulleville, T. (Creator), de Medeiros, M. B. (Creator), Del Aguila Pasquel, J. (Creator), Derroire, G. (Creator), Di Fiore, A. (Creator), Doucet, J. L. 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E. (Creator), Levesley, A. (Creator), Lima, A. J. N. (Creator), Lisingo, J. (Creator), Lopes, A. P. (Creator), Lopez-Gonzalez, G. (Creator), Lovejoy, T. (Creator), Lovett, J. C. (Creator), Lowe, R. (Creator), Magnusson, W. E. (Creator), Malumbres-Olarte, J. (Creator), Manzatto, Â. G. (Creator), Marimon, B. H. (Creator), Marshall, A. R. (Creator), Marthews, T. (Creator), de Almeida Reis, S. M. (Creator), Maycock, C. (Creator), Melgaço, K. (Creator), Mendoza, C. (Creator), Metali, F. (Creator), Mihindou, V. (Creator), Milliken, W. (Creator), Mitchard, E. T. A. (Creator), Morandi, P. S. (Creator), Mossman, H. L. (Creator), Nagy, L. (Creator), Nascimento, H. (Creator), Neill, D. (Creator), Nilus, R. (Creator), Vargas, P. N. (Creator), Palacios, W. (Creator), Camacho, N. P. (Creator), Peacock, J. (Creator), Pendry, C. (Creator), Peñuela Mora, M. C. (Creator), Pickavance, G. C. (Creator), Pipoly, J. (Creator), Pitman, N. (Creator), Playfair, M. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Poulsen, J. R. (Creator), Poulsen, A. D. (Creator), Preziosi, R. (Creator), Prieto, A. (Creator), Primack, R. B. (Creator), Ramírez-Angulo, H. (Creator), Reitsma, J. (Creator), Réjou-Méchain, M. (Creator), Correa, Z. R. (Creator), de Sousa, T. R. (Creator), Bayona, L. R. (Creator), Roopsind, A. (Creator), Rudas, A. (Creator), Rutishauser, E. (Creator), Abu Salim, K. (Creator), Salomão, R. P. (Creator), Schietti, J. (Creator), Sheil, D. (Creator), Silva, R. C. (Creator), Espejo, J. S. (Creator), Valeria, C. S. (Creator), Silveira, M. (Creator), Simo-Droissart, M. (Creator), Simon, M. F. (Creator), Singh, J. (Creator), Soto Shareva, Y. C. (Creator), Stahl, C. (Creator), Stropp, J. (Creator), Sukri, R. (Creator), Sunderland, T. (Creator), Svátek, M. (Creator), Swaine, M. D. (Creator), Swamy, V. (Creator), Taedoumg, H. (Creator), Talbot, J. (Creator), Taplin, J. (Creator), Taylor, D. (Creator), Ter Steege, H. (Creator), Terborgh, J. (Creator), Thomas, R. (Creator), Thomas, S. C. 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  • Abiotic and biotic drivers of biomass change in a Neotropical forest

    van der Sande, M. (Creator), Peña-Claros, M. (Creator), Ascarrunz, N. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Licona, J. C. (Creator), Toledo, M. (Creator) & Poorter, L. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 3 Feb 2017


  • Soil fertility and species traits, but not diversity, drive productivity and biomass stocks in a Guyanese tropical rainforest

    van der Sande, M. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Pena Claros, M. (Creator), Hoosbeek, M. (Creator), Caceres-Siani, Y. (Creator), van der Hout, P. (Creator) & Poorter, L. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 2017


  • Data from: Biodiversity in species, traits and structure determines carbon stocks and uptake in tropical forests

    van der Sande, M. (Creator), Poorter, L. (Creator), Kooistra, L. (Creator), Balvanera, P. (Creator), Thonicke, K. (Creator), Thompson, J. (Creator), Arets, E. (Creator), Garcia-Alaniz, N. (Creator), Jones, L. (Creator), Mora, F. (Creator), Mwampamba, T. H. (Creator), Parr, T. (Creator) & Pena Claros, M. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 26 Jun 2018