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Characterization of SOC1’s central role in flowering by the identification of its upstream and downstream regulators

Immink, R. (Creator), Posé, D. (Creator), Ferrario, S. I. T. (Creator), Ott, F. (Creator), Kaufmann, K. (Creator), Valentim, F. L. (Creator), de Folter, S. (Creator), van der Wal, F. (Creator), van Dijk, A. (Creator), Schmid, M. (Creator), Angenent, G. (Creator), Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, 31 Mar 2016


Comparative analysis of binding patterns of MADS-domain proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana

Aerts, N. (Creator), de Bruijn, S. A. (Creator), van Mourik, H. (Creator), Angenent, G. (Creator), van Dijk, A. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 25 Jun 2018


Transcription profiling by array of Arabidopsis thaliana wild type (Col-0) and flowering time mutants to investigate synchronized induction of flowering

Valentim, F. L. (Creator), van Mourik, S. (Creator), Posé, D. (Creator), Kim, M. C. (Creator), Schmid, M. (Creator), van Ham, R. C. H. J. (Creator), Busscher, M. (Creator), Sanchez Perez, G. F. (Creator), Immink, R. (Creator), van Dijk, A. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 1 Nov 2013


Divergent regulation of Arabidopsis SAUR genes: a focus on the SAUR10-clade

van Mourik, H. (Creator), van Dijk, A. (Creator), Stortenbeker, N. (Creator), Angenent, G. (Creator), Bemer, M. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 19 Dec 2017