Projects 2004 2021

Investment behaviour, political change and economic growth in the Netherlands, 1780-1920

Gelderblom, P. D. O. C., van Cruijningen, P. & Brusse, P. G.


Project: Staff

The Development of the Dutch Agricultural Innovation System, 1870-1940

Zwarts, H., Frankema, E., van Cruijningen, P. & van Nederveen Meerkerk, E.

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Project: PhD

Fiscal regimes: shaping state and social transformations in Portuguese Africa (1890s-1970s)

Alexopoulou Giannakitsa, K., Frankema, E. & van Nederveen Meerkerk, E.


Project: PhD

The Dynamics of the Household. Labour division in Dutch households 1830-1940

Boter, C., Frankema, E. & van Nederveen Meerkerk, E.


Project: PhD

Is Poverty Destiny? Exploring long term changes in African living standards in global perspective

Frankema, E., Dalrymple-Smith, A., Alexopoulou Giannakitsa, K. & Juif, D.


Project: Staff

Ede: local politics and modernization, 1945-1995

Kooij, P. & Schuurman, A.


Project: PhD