Improving surgical technique and treatment in patients with severe obesity

Okkema, S. & Hazebroek, E.

1/10/19 → …

Project: PhD

Nutritional status after bariatric surgery

van der Burgh, Y. & Hazebroek, E.

2/09/19 → …

Project: PhD

Nutritional status after bariatric surgery.

Heusschen, L., Hazebroek, E., Kampman, E. & de Roos, N.

16/04/18 → …

Project: PhD

Optimizing bariatric procedures.

Boerboom, A. & Hazebroek, E.

1/08/16 → …

Project: PhD

Musle health and function.

Vaes, A., Tieland, M. & de Groot, L.


Project: PhD

Nutritional strategies to preserve muscle mass

Backx, E. & de Groot, L.


Project: PhD

Macronutrients, blood pressure and cardiovacular disease

Tielemans, S., Boshuizen, H., Geleijnse, M. & Kromhout, D.


Project: PhD

Dietary patterns, biomarkers and cardiovascular diseases

Sijtsma, F., Kromhout, D. & Soedamah-Muthu, S.


Project: PhD

Variation and changeability of dietary patterns: a prerequisite for public health interventions.

Hooft van Huysduynen, E., de Vries, J. & van Woerkum, C.


Project: PhD

Dietary proteins and the metabolic syndrome.

van Nielen, M., Feskens, E. & Mensink, M.


Project: PhD