Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

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Environmental Software Systems. Data Science in Action: 13th IFIP WG 5.11 International Symposium, ISESS 2020, Wageningen, The Netherlands, February 5–7, 2020, Proceedings

Athanasiadis, I. N. (ed.), Frysinger, S. P. (ed.), Schimak, G. & Knibbe, W. J., 2020, Cham: Springer. ( IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology; vol. 554)

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Transforming REDD+: Lessons and new directions

Angelsen, A. (ed.), Martius, C. (ed.), De Sy, V. (ed.), Duchelle, A. E. (ed.), Larson, A. M. (ed.) & Pham, T. T. (ed.), 2018, Bogor: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). 278 p.

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Societal Geo-innovation: selected papers of the 20th Agile conference on geographic information science

Bregt, A. (ed.), Sarjakoski, T. (ed.), van Lammeren, R. (ed.) & Rip, F. (ed.), 2017, Chem: Springer Verlag. 367 p. (Lecture notes in geoinformation and cartography)

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New perspectives on urbanizing deltas: a complex adaptive systems approach to planning and design

Meyer, H., Bregt, A. K., Dammers, E. & Edelenbos, J., 2015, Amsterdam: MUST Publishers. 233 p.

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EFITA Conference '09. Proceedings of the 7th EFITA Conference, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 6-8 July 2009

Bregt, A. K. (ed.), Wolfert, S. (ed.), Wien, J. J. F. (ed.) & Lokhorst, C. (ed.), 2009, Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers. 932 p.

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A Multi-view Framework to Assess Spatial Data Infrastructures

Crompvoets, J. W. H. C. (ed.), Rajabifard, A. (ed.), van Loenen, B. (ed.) & Delgado Fernandez, T. (ed.), 2008, Melbourne, Australia: The Melbourne University Press. 403 p.

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Sensing a Changing World

Kooistra, L. (ed.) & Ligtenberg, A. (ed.), 2008, Wageningen: Wageningen University and Research Centre. 123 p. (CGI report; no. CGI-08-005)

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Imaging the future : geo-visualisation for participatory spatial planning in Europe

van den Brink, A. (ed.), van Lammeren, R. J. A. (ed.), van de Velde, R. J. (ed.) & Däne, S. (ed.), 2007, Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers. 199 p. (Mansholt publication series; no. vol. 3)

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The 9th International Symposium on Physical Measurements and Signatures in Remote Sensing, Oct. 17-19, 2005, Beijing, China

Liang, S. (ed.), Liu, J. (ed.), Li, X. (ed.), Liu, R. (ed.) & Schaepman, M. E. (ed.), 2005, Beijing: ISPRS WG VII/1. 854 p. (The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences; no. Vol. XXXVI)

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Put on the map - History and future of geo-information in Wageningen

Loedeman, J. H. (ed.), van Vierssen, W. (ed.), Schaepman, M. E. (ed.), Bregt, A. K. (ed.), Nieuwenhuis, G. J. A. (ed.), Bartelink, H. H. (ed.), Molenaar, M. (ed.) & Crompvoets, J. W. H. C. (ed.), 2004, Wageningen: WUR. 61 p. (1e edn)

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International workshop on the use of Earth Observation data for phenological monitoring

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Operational Remote Sensing for sustainable development

Nieuwenhuis, G. J. A., Vaughan, R. A. & Molenaar, M., 1999, Rotterdam [etc.]: Balkema. 497 p.

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Methods for the generalization of geo-database.

Molenaar, M., 1996, Delft: NCG. 72 p.

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Digitale modellen van terrein en kaart. Verslag van de studiedag DLM/DKM.

van der Schans, R., 1995, Delft: Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie. 81 p.

Research output: Book/ReportBook editingAcademic

Remote sensing and geographical information processing.

Molenaar, M., 1995, Wageningen: Centre for Geo-Information Processing, Wageningen Agricultural University. 141 p.

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AGDM'94: Spatial data modelling and query languages for 2D and 3D applications.

Molenaar, M. & de Hoop, S., 1994, Delft: Netherlands Geodetic Comm. 251 p. (Publications on Geodesy - New Series; no. 40)

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Land observation by remote sensing: theory and applications.

Buiten, H. J. & Clevers, J. G. P. W., 1993, Reading, UK: Gordon and Breach Sci. Publ. 618 p. (Current topics in remote sensing; no. 3)

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Multisource data integration in remote sensing for land inventory applications. Proc. Int. Workshop IAPR TC7, Sept.7-9, 1992, Delft, The Netherlands.

Molenaar, M., Janssen, L. L. F., van Leeuwen, H. J. C. & Hoeneveld, A. M., 1993, Wageningen: Wageningen Agricultural University. 247 p.

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Remote sensing, theorie en toepassingen van landobservatie

Buiten, H. J. & Clevers, J. G. P. W., 1990, Wageningen: Pudoc. 517 p. (Dynamiek, inrichting en beheer van landelijke gebieden; no. 2)

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Project surveying. General adjustment and optimization techniques with applications to engineering surveying

Richardus, P., 1984, Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema Publishers. 628 p.

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