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Indigenous Perspectives on Sacred Natural Sites: Culture, Governance and Conservation,

Liljeblad, J. (ed.) & Verschuuren, B. (ed.), Dec 2018, Routledge. 234 p.

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Forest and nature governance: A practice based approach

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Sustainable Forests

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Environmental problems : crossing boundaries between science, policy and society

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Environmental Psychology: An Introduction

Steg, L. (ed.), van den Berg, A. E. (ed.) & de Groot, J. I. M. (ed.), 2012, UK: Wiley-Blackwell. 406 p. (BPS textbooks in psychology)

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Forest-people interfaces : understanding community forestry and biocultural diversity

Arts, B. J. M. (ed.), van Bommel, S. (ed.), Ros-Tonen, M. A. F. (ed.) & Verschoor, G. M. (ed.), 2012, Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers. 317 p.

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Timber legality, local livelihoods and social safeguards: implications of FLEGT/VPA in Ghana

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The Disoriented State; Shifts in Governmentality, Territoriality and Governance

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Environmental Policy Convergence in Europe : the impact of international institutions and trade

Holzinger, K. (ed.), Knill, C. (ed.) & Arts, B. (ed.), 2008, New York, USA: Cambridge University Press. 264 p.

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Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance

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Vraag het de bomen; creativiteit in bosbeheer

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National Forest Programmes - Social and Political context

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Tropical Forest Resource Dynamics and conservation : From Local to Global Issues

Wiersum, K. F., 2000, Wageningen: Wageningen University & Research centre. 172 p. (Tropical Resource Management Papers; no. 33)

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