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  • Entomofauna inventory in peat swamps

    Jagers Op Akkerhuis, G. A. J. M. (Creator), Dimmers, W. (Creator) & Siepel, H. (Creator), Alterra, 4 Jun 2014


  • FEM growth and yield data mixed species forest

    Bartelink, H. H. (Creator), Jansen, J. J. (Creator), Goudzwaard, L. (Creator), Lu, H. (Creator), Oldenburger, J. F. (Creator), Mohren, F. (Creator) & den Ouden, J. (Creator), Wageningen UR, 2016


  • Indicative distribution maps for Ecosystem Functional Groups - Level 3 of IUCN Global Ecosystem Typology

    Keith, D. A. (Creator), Ferrer-Paris, J. R. (Creator), Nicholson, E. (Creator), Bishop, M. J. (Creator), Polidoro, B. A. (Creator), Ramirez-Llodra, E. (Creator), Tozer, M. G. (Creator), Nel, J. (Creator), Mac Nally, R. (Creator), Gregr, E. J. (Creator), Watermeyer, K. E. (Creator), Essl, F. (Creator), Faber-Langendoen, D. (Creator), Franklin, J. (Creator), Lehmann, C. E. R. (Creator), Etter, A. (Creator), Roux, D. J. (Creator), Stark, J. S. (Creator), Rowland, J. A. (Creator), Brummitt, N. A. (Creator), Fernandez-Arcaya, U. C. (Creator), Suthers, I. M. (Creator), Wiser, S. K. (Creator), Donohue, I. (Creator), Jackson, L. J. (Creator), Pennington, R. T. (Creator), Iliffe, T. M. (Creator), Gerovasileiou, V. (Creator), Giller, P. (Creator), Robson, B. J. (Creator), Pettorelli, N. (Creator), Andrade, A. (Creator), Lindgaard, A. (Creator), Tahvanainen, T. (Creator), Terauds, A. (Creator), Chadwick, M. A. (Creator), Murray, N. J. (Creator), Moat, J. (Creator), Pliscoff, P. (Creator), Zager, I. (Creator) & Kingsford, R. T. (Creator), Wageningen University, 5 Jul 2021