Research Output 2007 2017


An integrated genome wide genetic map of sequenced NBS-LRR disease resistance gene homologues (RGH) and resistance loci in potato

Bakker, E. H., Borm, T. J. A., Prins, J. C. P., van der Geest, A. H. M., van der Vossen, E., Uenk, G. E., Sabatino, G. J. H., Arens, M. J. B., Nap, J. P. H., de Boer, J. M., van Eck, H., te Lintel Hekkert, B., van Ham, R. C. H. J., Vossen, J., van der Linden, G., Muskens, M., Allefs, S., Bakker, J. & Goverse, A., 2010, Potato breeding after the completion of the dna sequence of the potato genome, EUCARPIA - EAPR joint meeting, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 27 - 30 June, 2010. Wageningen: Eucarpia, p. 53-53

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingAbstract