Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences

Projects 1978 2029


Genetic analysis of cell polarity and division orientation in the plant embryo

Weijers, D. & de Amil da Costa Jacob Ramalho, J.


Project: PostDoc

Gas Cleaning and Biocrystallisation

van der Weijden, R., Janssen, A., Weijma, J. & Buisman, C.


Project: Staff


Buisman, C., ter Heijne, A., Strik, D. & Jourdin, L.


Project: Staff

Improving surgical technique and treatment in patients with severe obesity

Okkema, S. & Hazebroek, E.

1/10/19 → …

Project: PhD

Nutritional status after bariatric surgery

van der Burgh, Y. & Hazebroek, E.

2/09/19 → …

Project: PhD

BluePharm Train Project

Munroe, S., Martens, D., Pomponi, S. & Sipkema, D.

17/03/14 → …

Project: PhD

Proteomic characterization of auxin response

Roosjen, M. & Weijers, D.

15/10/15 → …

Project: PhD