Projects 2000 2019

Feeding behaviour and growth of Sole bred in captivity

Mas Munoz, J., Blonk, R., Komen, H. & Verreth, J.


Project: PhD

Nutritional and environmental control of feed intake in fish

Subramanian, S. & Verreth, J.


Project: PhD

Factors determining stability of mussel seed beds

Aguera Garcia, A. & Smaal, A.


Project: PhD

Trawling impact on benthic productivity and biodiversity

van Denderen, D. & Rijnsdorp, A.


Project: PhD

Integrated inland aquaculture

Batista, I., Kamermans, P., Smaal, A. & Verdegem, M.


Project: PhD

Use of immunostimulants for marine finfish

Tran, K., Roem, A., Schrama, J. & Verreth, J.


Project: PhD

Population dynamics and role in the food chain of the Queen

Boman, E., Nagelkerke, L., Smaal, A. & de Graaf, M.


Project: PhD

Mucosal immunity

Zhang, Y. & Wiegertjes, G.

1/09/19 → …

Project: PhD

Green Aquafeeds

Maas, R., Schrama, J. & Verdegem, M.

1/10/15 → …

Project: PhD

Nutritious System Pond Farming

Hermsen, D., Verdegem, M. & Verreth, J.

1/09/14 → …

Project: PhD

Bile Acids

Staessen, T., Schrama, J. & Verdegem, M.

1/10/15 → …

Project: PhD