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  • Supplemental data of Global Carbon Project 2020

    Friedlingstein, P. (Creator), O'Sullivan, M. (Creator), Jones, M. W. (Creator), Andrew, R. M. (Creator), Hauck, J. (Creator), Olsen, A. (Creator), Peters, G. P. (Creator), Peters, W. (Creator), Pongratz, J. (Creator), Sitch, S. (Creator), Le Quéré, C. (Creator), Canadell, J. G. (Creator), Ciais, P. (Creator), Jackson, R. B. (Creator), Alin, S. (Creator), Aragão, L. E. O. C. (Creator), Arneth, A. (Creator), Arora, V. (Creator), Bates, N. R. (Creator), Becker, M. (Creator), Benoit-Cattin, A. (Creator), Bittig, H. C. (Creator), Bopp, L. (Creator), Bultan, S. (Creator), Chandra, N. (Creator), Chevallier, F. (Creator), Chini, L. P. (Creator), Evans, W. (Creator), Florentie, L. (Creator), Forster, P. M. (Creator), Gasser, T. (Creator), Gehlen, M. (Creator), Gilfillan, D. (Creator), Gkritzalis, T. (Creator), Gregor, L. (Creator), Gruber, N. (Creator), Harris, I. (Creator), Hartung, K. (Creator), Haverd, V. (Creator), Houghton, R. A. (Creator), Ilyina, T. (Creator), Jain, A. K. (Creator), Joetzjer, E. (Creator), Kadono, K. (Creator), Kato, E. (Creator), Kitidis, V. (Creator), Korsbakken, J. I. (Creator), Landschützer, P. (Creator), Lefèvre, N. (Creator), Lenton, A. (Creator), Lienert, S. (Creator), Liu, Z. (Creator), Lombardozzi, D. (Creator), Marland, G. (Creator), Metzl, N. (Creator), Munro, D. R. (Creator), Nabel, J. E. M. S. (Creator), Nakaoka, S. I. (Creator), Niwa, Y. (Creator), O'Brien, K. (Creator), Ono, T. (Creator), Palmer, P. I. (Creator), Pierrot, D. (Creator), Poulter, B. (Creator), Resplandy, L. (Creator), Robertson, E. (Creator), Rödenbeck, C. (Creator), Schwinger, J. (Creator), Séférian, R. (Creator), Skjelvan, I. (Creator), Smith, A. J. P. (Creator), Sutton, A. J. (Creator), Tanhua, T. (Creator), Tans, P. P. (Creator), Tian, H. (Creator), Tilbrook, B. (Creator), Van Der Werf, G. (Creator), Vuichard, N. (Creator), Walker, A. P. (Creator), Wanninkhof, R. (Creator), Watson, A. J. (Creator), Willis, D. (Creator), Wiltshire, A. J. (Creator), Yuan, W. (Creator), Yue, X. (Creator) & Zaehle, S. (Creator), 2020


  • Evolution of NIRv, VOD and soil moisture content during the summers of 2016-2018 in Raam and Twenthe, the Netherlands

    Buitink, J. (Creator), Swank, A. M. (Creator), van der Ploeg, M. (Creator), Smith, N. E. (Creator), Benninga, H. F. (Creator), van der Bolt, F. (Creator), Carranza, C. (Creator), Koren, G. (Creator), van der Velde, R. (Creator) & Teuling, R. (Creator), Wageningen University & Research, 18 Dec 2020


  • EUROCOM ensemble of inversion results for 2006-2015

    Monteil, G. (Creator), Broquet, G. (Creator), Scholze, M. (Creator), Lang, M. (Creator), Gerbig, C. (Creator), Koch, F. T. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Thompson, R. L. (Creator), Luijkx, I. (Creator) & White, E. (Creator), 2020


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    Koren, G. (Recipient), 26 Oct 2018

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    Koren, G. (Recipient), 17 Mar 2021

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