Xylan alleviates dietary fiber deprivation-induced dysbiosis by selectively promoting Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum in pigs

  • Zhenyu Wang (Creator)
  • Yu Bai (Creator)
  • Yu Pi (Creator)
  • Walter Gerrits (Creator)
  • Sonja de Vries (Creator)
  • Lijun Shang (Creator)
  • Shiyu Tao (Creator)
  • Shiyi Zhang (Creator)
  • Dandan Han (Creator)
  • Zhengpeng Zhu (Creator)
  • Junjun Wang (Creator)



Using growing pigs as model, we profiled the temporal response of swine gut microbiota to dietary fiber deprivation. Then swine gut microbiome response to resistant starch, beta-glucan and xylan throughout the gastrointestinal tract was investigated.
Date made available25 Sept 2020
PublisherChina Agricultural University


  • Raw sequence reads
  • Multispecies
  • Agricultural

Accession numbers

  • PRJNA665641

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