WGS sequencing and assembly

  • Jan van Kan (Creator)
  • Joost Stassen (Creator)
  • Andreas Mosbach (Creator)
  • Theo van der Lee (Creator)
  • Luigi Faino (Creator)
  • Andrew D. Farmer (Creator)
  • Dimitrios G. Papasotiriou (Creator)
  • Shiguo Zhou (Creator)
  • Michael F. Seidl (Creator)
  • Eleanor Cottam (Creator)
  • Dominique Edel (Creator)
  • Matthias Hahn (Creator)
  • David C. Schwartz (Creator)
  • Robert A. Dietrich (Creator)
  • Stephanie Widdison (Creator)
  • Gabriel Scalliet (Creator)



This pathogen causes serious losses in more than 200 crop species worldwide. Although there are fungicides for its control, many classes of fungicides have failed due to its genetic plasticity. It has become an important model for molecular study of necrotrophic fungi. The aim of the genome sequencing is to provide the community with the tools to analyse and dissect the genetic basis of pathogenicity.
Date made available5 Feb 2015
PublisherWageningen University & Research


  • Botrytis cinerea

Accession numbers

  • PRJNA15632

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