UAV multispectral imagery dataset over a vineyard affected by Botrytis in 'Tomiño', Pontevedra, Spain. It includes GPS location of vine trunks, diseases and GCP points.



This dataset contains a set of ground data and four flights captured on grape harvest over a vineyard affected by Botrytis cinerea. UAV flights took place on 16 September 2021, at 30 m height and using different angles (0, 30, 45 degrees). Pictures were taking using a Micasense RedEdge 3 sensor and were calibrated using the provided Micasense reflectance panel. The flight path was programmed to fly in autonomously, following manufacturer’s instructions (DJI). The dataset includes a shapefile with the GPS location of vine trunks, bunches affected by Botrytis and GCP points.
Date made available9 Sept 2022
PublisherWageningen University & Research
Temporal coverage16 Sept 2021
Geographical coveragePontevedra, Spain


  • viticulture
  • precision agriculture
  • disease detection
  • UAV
  • drone
  • orthomosaic
  • structure from motion
  • photogrammetry

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