Transgenic plant analysis using NGS



Both Transgenic and control Arabidopsis thaliana plants were analysed by whole genome resequencing. Transformation events were analysed in detail showing multiple T-DNA insertions, resulting in deletions, insertions, SNPs, rearrangements and partial insertions.
Date made available1 Jan 2017
PublisherWageningen UR

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Schouten, H. J. (Creator), van de Geest, H. C. (Creator), Papadimitriou, S. (Creator), Bemer, M. (Creator), Schaart, J. G. (Creator), Smulders, M. J. M. (Creator), Sanchez Perez, G. F. (Creator), Schijlen, E. G. W. M. (Creator) (1 Jan 2017). Transgenic plant analysis using NGS. Wageningen UR.